Tijuana: Fat Women Go on Hunger Strike to Protest Against Mexicans

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2018

Look at this.

How long could women that size survive with literally no food? At least a year.

You really defeat your own thing if you’re a fat person on hunger strike.

Is Eddie Vedder still alive?

I remember he was like the worst ever shitlib. He needs to go sing that song to these migrants.

These faggots like Vedder wanna push this equality bullshit, then go play them the fucking song, see if they appreciate your art.


A handful of the thousands of Central American migrants camped out at the U.S.-Mexican border waiting to plead their case for asylum in the United States launched a hunger strike on Thursday to protest the Mexican police blocking their way.

Members of the 6,000-strong caravan, mostly migrants from Honduras, have been sleeping outdoors, on cold floors or on mats in an overcrowded shelter since they arrived in Tijuana city across the border from San Diego, California, three weeks ago.

Mexican immigration authorities on Thursday began transporting some of the migrants via buses to a new shelter to help lessen the strain.

Under the harsh immigration policies introduced by the administration of President Donald Trump, U.S. border officials say they may have to stay put in Mexico for months before they can petition the authorities.

U.S. customs and border control officers fired tear gas canisters into Mexico at dozens of migrants who tried to rush border fencing on Sunday.

On Thursday, as a steady rain fell and partially flooded the sports complex serving as the main shelter, it was Mexican police who stopped more than a dozen migrants from the caravan approaching the nearby El Chaparral border crossing.

What the police are doing is unfair. The truth is we are fighting for our rights,” said one of the migrants, Gerson Madrid, a 22-year-old Honduran who started the trek to the United States in early October to better provide for a young daughter he left behind.

Oh, he was trying to make money?

He wasn’t being threatened with murder by a gang?

But he has a right to be in my country anyway?

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