Tim Pool on Situation: Gabocaust

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 5, 2017

For all the background information here (if you don’t already know it), check the post I made on my blog.

I always said Tim Pool was good – for years I have said that – and lately he’s really been on the ball.

He is the only journalist who actually tries to be objective. Yeah, sometimes he says stupid shit, but overall, he is high IQ and trying his best to just do what journalists are supposed to do.

His commentary on the Gab situation that took place yesterday and the larger implications is excellent. The thing to understand first and foremost is that this is not about the Daily Stormer. It is only even vaguely related to us in that we are the first target.

Well. I think it is about us in that we are the ones that have presented the most aggressive threat to Jewish power. But they are going to take all freedoms from everyone. Eventually, Christians against abortion and gay marriage will not be able to have a presence on the internet, and then they will send this SPLC mob to attack their churches with bats and throw feces on them.

They are attempting to take us down first both because we are the biggest threat and because “NEO NAZI WHITE SUPREMACY” is something that it is easy to portray as outrageous (because of course if it is taken literally, it is outrageous – they put an extreme amount of effort into stripping the irony).

I am glad that the Gab situation has drawn attention outside of our little Gab community.

As I think about it, I do wonder if Torba shouldn’t have just let them take the domain. But I think given the investors, he was in a position where that was impossible.

Anyway, he is now saying he has $170,000 for a registrar. And that could go a long way towards saving us all.


James Allsup also produced a pretty good video on yesterday’s controversy.

He made it before Torba posted the dox on the threats of take down, then added a second part. So it switches up halfway through.

If anyone deserves to be banned from Gab, it’s Stefan Molyneux.