Tim Pool with the Hot Take: Antifa are the REAL White Identitarians!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2019

I noticed the other day that YouTuber Tim Pool has clearly been reading my articles religiously.

What’s he going to say next?

That Antifa have the real revolutionary potential to take on the federal government in a Communist/Mutant Army revolution now that the Romper-Right is off the streets? That White kids with drug problems should join Antifa so that they can riot with impunity and get off scot-free while also enjoying that sweet Soros-subsidized speed?

Because I want accreditation for that if he steals my talking points.

More importantly, Tim’s going to have to cough up some of that Patreon loot that he’s been acquiring.

And yes, I am taking credit where credit is due here.

Because Tim is not making a DR3 (Dems R Real Racists) argument. This is something else. This is acknowledging what I’ve been saying for a while now: that Antifa is, in fact, whiter than the Proud Boys.

Proud Boys:

Now, this is related to a greater SWPL phenomenon that ties quite well into the Antifa Question.

Basically, you take any ultra-liberal or leftist movement and you’ll find that it’s packed to the gills with diversity-loving Whites who all only hang out with other Whites. And then you hang out with the nationalists and all of a sudden you’ve got mulattoes and BASED! minorities all over the place.

Compare and contrast:

How are we supposed to come to terms with this observable but paradoxical reality?

Well, it’s quite simple, really. The more straightforward your ideology is, the easier it is for non-Whites to understand it. But when you’re using words like “bourgeois” and dressing up like a retard and doing all this weird shit like listening to vinyls and drinking craft beer, you’ve basically made yourself minority kryptonite.

This isn’t even confined to the left side of the political spectrum either.

Take Juggalo culture – it is so weird to outsiders, with its strange imagery and grotesque fashion and bizarre rituals, that it effectively keeps people out. It is clear that these people are proto-tribesmen – but in a weird, clownish sort of way.

Anyways, Tim needs to start coughing up if I’m going to keep putting these insights out there.

Because let’s be real – without me, Tim’s got nothing. And while we’re definitely a team here, I feel like I’m doing all the pulling, you know?

See, he’s out there every day talking about how RaHoWa is nigh on YouTube (seriously, all his videos are just the same “we’re one day closer, guise!” thing), but I’m the one doing all the legwork, trying to figure out how to start the race war that Tim wants so badly.

Because it’s not a foregone conclusion yet, Tim!

See, he’s in cruise-control, saving up money to buy an armored RV/killdozer to travel the country and document the mass milkshakings soon to come.

Meanwhile, I’m still pushing on the gas, trying to figure out a way to get this bitch started!

And I need money to pay for all that gas, capiche Tim Pool? 

This is getting worse than when he ripped off that anime sex game.


It’s no big deal really.

But I am thinking of starting a petition to force Tim to share his Patreon profits with me.

I hope that he comes to his senses and realizes that the world needs race war planners as much as it needs journalists before I do something rash.