To Learn Who Rules Over You, Check Out This Illegal Alien Judge!

Daily Stormer
August 1, 2017

CAUTION: Slippery slopes are slippery.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Whenever you hear a leftist shrieking for a particular thing, bear in mind that he is never actually after that. If he’s asking for an inch, he intends to take a mile.

That’s why when they used to use lines like “what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms is no one’s business but their own” when in fact they were pushing for total fag acceptance, faggot marriage, faggot adoption, gay buttsex orgies in the streets and the right to bugger your children.

But this isn’t a story about faggots, this is a story about non-American scum.


A municipal court judge has been placed on unpaid leave because she’s not a United States citizen. Judge Young Min Burkett was hired in March of 2015, and now, the city council has given her 90 days to become a citizen and keep her job.

According to councilwoman Lucy Rubio, who is chairman of the Municipal Court Committee, Burkett’s rulings still stand. Rubio says Burkett is able to work in the US but not serve as a municipal court judge.

Rubio says someone needs to work in Nueces County for at least two years and be a qualified voter to serve. Burkett is not a qualified voter because she’s not a citizen.

“She’s a great lady. She’s a hard worker. Very smart. Very, I mean, just great person, but because she doesn’t have that qualification, you know, unfortunately, we had to tell her that she couldn’t, be removed from the bench and she could not serve,” Rubio says.

Rubio says it’s city policy and state law, but doesn’t know how human resources missed the fact that Burkett isn’t a citizen. Rubio agrees with the unpaid leave, but doesn’t question any of the judge’s rulings.

Are you as nonplussed as me at the weird excuses and declarations made by this beaner official?

Me so judicial, me judge you long time!

Her rulings will stand? Bullshit. Every person who plead guilty or was convicted in her court and can afford an attorney now has a get out of jail free ticket, and they deserve one. She was not a qualified judge, period.

This is no different than if you found out that a judge had hidden the fact that they had a felony record. Would anyone object if it were declared that a judge who was discovered to have been convicted of fraud had all  their rulings nullified? Of course not.

This yellow sow committed fraud and perjury when she filled out her qualification forms, and not only should she be removed from office, she should be charged with those felonies, imprisoned, then deported.

But did that happen? No. Instead, they arranged special treatment for her. They got a federal district court to expedite her citizenship, and gave her a ceremony all by herself. Now she’s a judge again.

Welcome to Weimerica.