Tom Brady has a Responsibility to the People and He Should Have Retired Last Year

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2019

I don’t watch sports really at all, other than fighting.

I haven’t watched an American football game since I was 12.

However, as an America First patriot, I do watch the scoreboards for Tom Brady’s games. Because he is the ideal American family man, a Trump supporter, and should be a prominent symbol of this country.

He’s also a good role model for kids – and young men, and men through their 40s – because he doesn’t use “performance enhancing” steroids like virtually every degenerate Hollywood actor.

He’s played in nine (9) Super Bowls, and won six (6) of them.

His team is even called “The Patriots”!

He is a symbol of American greatness.

And he should have retired last year.

The Patriots just lost to a shitty Houston team yesterday.

It was alleged that it was his worst game in his entire professional history.

This is getting to the point where Manny Pacquiao was when he decided to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the age of 37. (Yes, Mayweather is two years older, but everyone knew he was going to win, because he wasn’t past his prime and Manny was. Everyone knew that Mayweather was going to do straight defense and win on points.)

Or worse, where sickening Conor McGregor was when he did that bizarre interracial BDSM event with Mayweather. Or when Conor McGregor fought Khabib Nurmagomedov – also interracial BDSM, as he had about as much chance of winning that fight as he did of beating Mayweather.

You start to look like you’re just in it for the money.

In Tom’s case, it might be stubbornness rather than the money.

Either way, it’s a bad look.

This is not good for the image of an inspiration to children and to America.

Tom won the 2019 Super Bowl, after losing 2018.

This year, he’s not likely to even go to the Super Bowl, and be forced to retire in shame.

He should have retired.

Pacquiao, McGregor and now Brady all would have looked like 6 million times the man if they had said that they know their opponents are better than them and refused to engage.

The life lesson to be learned here is that when you are in a position where people look up to you, you have very great responsibility to respect yourself and your own honor, and protect it, because your own self-respect and honor is connected to that of the people who look up to you.

As I say, I don’t even watch sports. But I can feel the disappointment football fans are having watching Brady fail. I recognize football as Americana, and know that most of the people watching it are THE PEOPLE. I know that they view Brady as an avatar for White America, for Christianity and for the family. Even if they don’t consciously recognize that they are feeling that, their subconscious minds are fixing on Brady as “people’s champion,” and connecting a part of their identity, self-respect and personal honor to this man and his accomplishments – or lack thereof.

This is was especially meaningful when the whole “kneeling” controversy was going on in the NFL.

And before you starting thinking “oh but Tom Brady said this or did that one time” – understand what the word “symbol” means. It doesn’t really matter who he is, what matters is the image people have of him in their minds, and the image that people have of him in their minds is as a masculine White Man, a Christian, a father and a PATRIOT.

Watching him lose because he’s too old and refused to quit hurts America.

At the “what do you plan to do now?” media moment at the 2019 Super Bowl, Tom Brady should have said “retire and spend time with my family.”

He should be out campaigning with Donald Trump right now instead of losing football games.