Tommy Robinson Commits Hate Crime and Declares RACE WAR NOW After Knocking Out Child Refugee

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2018

Tommy Robinson is now officially a race warrior and an official member of the Daily Stormer Niggerdeath Squad.

You may have thought Tommy was a cuck, but you didn’t see his right hook in action now did’ja?

Tommy went looking for a fight in the no-go zones of Italy, and he found one.


Citizen journalist and former leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson has released a video of himself defending his camera crew against an attempted attack by a migrant in Italy.

Robinson — who was in the country covering the Italian elections — explains in his video that he wanted to document the area in which journalist Francesca Parisella of Matrix Channel 5 was attacked live on air in early 2017.

“I tried to start digging deeper into Italy’s spate of high-profile, migrant attacks,” he tells the camera, before sharing the footage of what happened to him in the neighbourhood around Rome’s Central Station.

The video shows an altercation between Robinson and a migrant man who protests his presence in the area.

“I’ll get him,” the man is heard to say about Robinson’s cameraman, to which Robinson replies, “I’ll put you to sleep”.

He knocked that refugee out cold. I mean he pressed the snooze button on that nagger’s chin and BOOM – he crumpled.

Tommy Robinson has officially announced that his right hook shall hereafter be known as the punch that officially started European RAHOWA.

His press secretary has announced that this punch should be interpreted as an invitation for football hooligans all over Europe to start an open season on refugees across the continent.


Tommy has decided to do away with his old connections with niggers and other undesirables since this punch.

He has officially replaced his old logo, “Black and White Unite” with a much pithier and reasonable “RACE WAR NOW.

Well done, Tommy. I never doubted you.

Sometimes it takes an encounter with Black people to make you realize the futility of trying to reason with them using anything other than your right fist.