Tommy Robinsonoution: Have the Britons Had Enough?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2018

With Tommy Robinson’s arrests, I expected absolutely nothing to happen.

But then I saw all the Tommys out on the streets, chasing down police and working themselves up into a righteous rage at the treatment of their boy, Tommy Robinson, by the UK police.

This thing is really gaining traction – just from looking at the crowds and the events they have planned.

They’ve got a march coming up on the 23rd. Should be fun.

Hopefully, the police are just as incompetent and unprepared for the crowds as they were the first time around.

Meanwhile, Tommy pled guilty to the charges leveled against him. I’m not sure what the logic and reasoning behind this was.

Wouldn’t pleading non-guilty lead to a massive trial and media coverage?

What is the point of pleading guilty and sitting in prison quietly for an entire year?


Long story short, he’s basically out of the game for a year at this point. Unless he gets martyred in prison. Which…I don’t think is going to happen.

His gay friend thinks so.

Seems drama queeny.

But this is the UK government we’re talking about here, so who knows.

But it is in the Chad Chav that we must place our faith now.

Getting the police to back down and run like they did last week was a big morale booster.

And in general, what the police have allowed to go down all over the UK has basically led to a shift in the public consciousness about the police.

They’re hated by patriotic normies now too. That’s a big development tbh.

If they keep up the momentum, this free speech movement has got some potential. At least some coppers will get beat up anyway, which I don’t condone…

But I understand.