Top Federal Reserve Jewess Janet Yellen Rejects Proposed Audit of Their Criminal Usury Operations

Daily Slave
February 26, 2015

The criminal banking Jewess Janet Yellen does not want anyone interfering in their Jew usury scam.

Top Federal Reserve Jewess Janet Yellen rejected suggestions that the Fed be audited at a hearing in front of the Senate Banking Committee.  Any true audit would expose much of this criminal Jewish usury operation and we must not have that.

The Fed like much of the banking and financial institutions in America is dominated by Jews.  Before Yellen, Ben Shalom Bernanke another Jew ran the Fed and also rejected these types of proposals.

If the Fed was not running a scam operation designed to financially enslave the American people into a never ending cycle of debt, they would welcome transparency and any independent audit of their operations.  The fact that they are not even open to an audit, shows that the bank is an institution of Jewish criminality.

The Hill:

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen on Tuesday swatted down suggestions from both sides of the aisle that it’s time for the central bank to change how it does business.

Appearing before the Senate Banking Committee, Yellen was on the defensive, as Republicans questioned how the Fed conducts monetary policy and Democrats put forward ideas for getting tougher on Wall Street.

In the midst of all of it, Yellen generally argued the Fed was designed as an independent entity for a reason — and it would be best not to change it.

“Central bank independence in conducting monetary policy is considered a best practice for central banks around the world,” she said. “Academic studies, I think, establish beyond the shadow of a doubt that independent central banks perform better.”

The Paulocaust is upon us.
The Paulocaust is upon us.