Top InfoWhore Paul Joseph Watson Promotes Idiot Gibberish About Jay-Z Secretly Controlling the World

Daily Slave
February 24, 2015

It is all over Paul. You and Alex Jones are losing the information war.

Top InfoWhore writer Paul Joseph Watson continues to promote more unproven Illuminati fantasies.  This would be forgivable if he did serious articles on the Jewish power structure and related it to some of these more speculative topics, but he does not do this. Instead of doing a video or writing an article detailing how the entertainment industry is totally dominated by Jewish interests, he apparently thinks it is more prudent to put out videos exploring the possibility that JayZ attended some type of secret Illuminati party.

Seriously Paul, are you content with selling your soul for shekels?  That’s what you are doing with every video and article you produce like this.  It is really sad to watch.

Not only that but do you honestly believe that JayZ attending some alleged Illuminati party is more important than exposing how a tribe of people known as Jews run the entire industry?  Oh but that’s right, I forgot that Hollywood is run by Arabs. Your fat Jew loving boss Alex Jones said so years ago so it must be true.

Watson’s retarded video on JayZ and the Illuminati can be viewed below.  I would say that it is definitely troll worthy.