Top-Tier Russian Waifu Invites Trump to Prove He’s Still the Man We All Loved

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 16, 2018

There’s some confusing backstory to this one. But, basically, Trump said that Crimea is Russian, what can we do about it?

And then the White House refused to confirm his comments.

So Natalia Poklonskaya decided to weigh in and be like, “Trump, I like how you’re rebelling against the kikes in your cabinet, but you gotta follow through.”

That’s the gist of it. And she invited him on a date in Crimea. Crimea is romantic, Trump should take her up on the offer.


Poklonskaya made the invitation soon after Buzzfeed quoted two unnamed diplomatic sources as saying that at a recent summit, US President Donald Trump told G7 leaders that Crimea is Russian because everyone who lives there speaks Russian.

On Friday, Interfax reported that the press secretary of the US Embassy in Moscow commented on the news by saying that the official position of the US is that Crimea is part of Ukraine and that the US sanctions imposed on Russia over its reunification with the Crimean Republic would remain in place until Russia returns control of the peninsula to Ukraine.

However, as of Friday afternoon Moscow time, the White House press service has not confirmed or denied the news about Trump’s statement at the G7 summit. Poklonskaya described the lack of confirmation as “cowardice.” 

“So it turns out that the US politicians have gone pretty far from their president, Donald Trump, and the generally accepted principles of law and justice. Today, they are afraid to comment on their president’s statement about Crimea – in particular, his words that Crimea is a part of Russia. But this is an obvious thing and pretending to be deaf and mute is a coward’s reaction,” she wrote on Facebook.

“We are inviting US President Donald Trump to Crimea where he can personally testify that his words were correct. By making the trip… President Trump would show the whole world that he is an independent and trustworthy politician, the leader of America who is not unacquainted with words like ‘democracy,’ ‘justice,’ or ‘courage,’” Poklonskaya stated.

This is what women ought to do.

They need to inspire men to greater heights, to get them off their asses and sometimes get them mad enough to get some shit done.

Do you know how hard it is to find images of “supporting women” or “doting women” or “women inspiring men” on Google images search? This is the closest I got. This is either because the phenomenon is so rare that it hasn’t ever been photographed in the wild yet, or because google has decided to encourage feminism and multiculti, replacing any trad search results with Jew crap. 

Because let’s be real, men can get lazy and complacent from time to time.

They can start acting like women basically, heh.

But there’s a fine line between riling a man up, challenging him, getting him to “man up” and nagging. 

Nagging is the relationship killer. The complete boner death. Women who nag their men will eventually lose their men to a sweeter, younger and less naggy woman.

Naggers should be put to death, inshallah, but that’s a conversation for another time.

Poklonskaya did good. She basically issued a challenge to Trump – “prove that you’re the man that you say that you are,” – basically.

That’s not nagging. That’s not feminism. That’s actually one of the rare redeeming qualities that some good women have – riling men up who have gotten too comfortable eating McDonald’s and watching gorilla fighting marathons.

Trump unironically came up with a great idea for a TV channel. I’d watch it unironically, idk about you. 

Trump’s had a good few weeks though, so I’m not trying to nag the guy too hard.

But Poklonskaya’s got a point.

He can do better. And if Trump’s anything like what I believe him to be, a pretty woman telling him to step his game up might actually work.