TOTALLY REAL NEWS: Now Iran is Hacking Everyone!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2019

They hacking er’eybuddy out der.


Iranian hackers are threatening US computer systems, cybersecurity firms FireEye and CrowdStrike have claimed, just as tensions between Washington and Tehran pulled back from the brink of war.

“Really, we’re seeing increased cyber activity that seems to be focused on the West,” Adam Meyers, vice president of intelligence at CrowdStrike, told Politico. “In early June, mid-June is when it really started to kick off.”

“Meyers,” you say?


Ben Read, senior cyber-espionage analyst at FireEye, confirmed the timeline and told the paper that the latest campaign is led by a government-connected Iranian hacker group known as APT33 or “Refined Kitten.”

Wired magazine carried a story on Thursday that also alleged Iranian attacks, based on information from CrowdStrike and another firm, Dragos – this time targeting the US Department of Energy with phishing emails pretending to come from the White House Council of Economic Advisers.

“The Department of Energy is aware of the reports of APT33 activity and for security reasons we do not comment on current cyber activity directed at the Department’s networks,” the agency said in a statement.

People like to say “the left can’t meme.”

But their memes are just the mainstream media.

“Russian hackers” is a leftist meme. Now they’re expanding it. Their memes are terrible, but they have the ability to force them. No one would naturally believe this hacking gibberish. But they just repeat it over and over and over again until the mind breaks down and can’t resist it any longer.

That happens, you know.

Virtually no one says they trust the media.

But they will all repeat these memes. Because now, the media is able to create an entire fake reality, where you are inundated from every angle with the same shitty memes. You end up believing that if you don’t believe, you must be anti-social. It’s a subconscious process where you just break down.

That is what all of this Iran war propaganda is. They are attempting to break down people’s psyches, to force them to accept the inevitably of war – even in an era when most people would admit that any individual aspect of the narrative sounds like nonsense.