TPUSA Shill Charlie Kirk Caught in a Lie at Last Q&A

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2019

The Dirkening of the Kirk continues!

Remember Groypers: No surrender! No mercy! No Kirk undirked!

Well, this underrated video from the last Q&A really speaks for itself, but allow me to summarize it anyway:

  • Charlie Kirk claimed that he should have gotten into West Point…
  • … if it wasn’t for a meddling “gendered” person “of a different political persuasion”
  • This claim is on video
  • When the smug student asked him about this incident, Charlie got huffy and called him fake news
  • This despite it being on tape

Now, this was epic. Remember: the goal is to get Charlie to lose his cool and engage in a bad optics spergout.

How about one more question, Charlaaay? 

This personal question was, in fact, the closest I saw Kirk get to losing his cool. Policy questions are all well and good, the only drawback is that he can quickly transition to his shill scripted talking points after a few sentences giving fake lip service to the original premise of the question.

The more personal questions are always going to be the ones with the most bite.

Perhaps someone ought to ask Charlie how someone who only finished high school was suddenly appointed youth conservative leader of all of America?

Did his father, Robert W. Kirk’s ties with Trump help?

Maybe the fact that he was project architect manager for Trump Tower had something to do with it.

Charlie is only 26 – which means literally no political experience, and not even a diploma to paper over the fact that he’s only there because of nepotistic insider baseball. And yet he’s schmoozing around with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago because his father raised millions for the Trump campaign.

And that’s the quickest way into the Orange Man’s good graces.

Meanwhile, even well-known youth hate activist Kathy Zhu is Dirking the Kirk.

This is because literally no one likes this astroturfed shill. He needs to be bullied into irrelevance.

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