Trad Youth Hour: A Separate Homeland for All

Daily Stormer
July 3, 2015


Matthew Heimbach returns with another solo podcast dedicated to his recent activities protesting Gay Pride parades and talking to Black nationalists in Charleston.

The aim of going to these parades is not to convert the Left, but to get them to expose their most extreme side.

This brings the bystanders over to our side, as they do not want to associated with naked degenerates parading around in front of a church.

Black nationalists want a separate homeland too, and a lot of their talking points are similar to ours.

Anti-White provocateurs were shocked to see the Black Nationalists siding with Heimbach.

The podcast ends with an update on Trad Youth political activities and a definitive statement of demands.

We must have a White homeland, just like every other race.

If the Scots, Sudanese and Catalonians can have a referendum, then there is no reason why White Americans cant!


Trad Youth Hour returns on Monday at 1pm EDT and will be repeated at 7pm.

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