Traitor Bush Judge John Roberts Attacks President in Defense of Foreign Jew Terrorist Infiltrators

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2018

President Trump yesterday accurately called out the ninth circuit as a politicized, liberal court, following their takeover of his government and claim that Hondurans in Mexico have Constitutional rights in America.

A judge on that court “shot down” his executive order blocking the caravaners from seeking asylum. Just some random judge, somewhere, is just able to completely override the President of the United States – no one understands why.

Trump said these were “Obama judges” and that it was “not fair” and “I can tell you, it’s not gonna happen.”

I’ve grown exhausted with Trump making these statements, because none of them ever seem to actually happen. But I support them nonetheless – at least he’s saying it. 

So then Justice John Roberts attacked him publicly over it.

The ninth circuit is a Jewish Occupation Court.


That is what it is. 

Look at the composition list – the only white people on there are Irish.

It is 100% political, and has been for a very long time.

It is not an “independent judiciary,” and John Roberts knows that, meaning that he’s a fucking liar and a traitor who wants this country to be unsafe.

Trump fired back this morning.

Trump is a political figure and it is his job to make political statements. What is John Roberts’ excuse?

When a Supreme Court Justice attacks the President for calling a court political, he involves himself in politics and proves the President’s point: the courts are now entirely political in nature.

They should be abolished. The situation is beyond repair. Everything needs to be shut down and built again up from the bottom as it was intended to be.

No single person on the planet – including John Roberts – can make anything even approaching a rational or fact-based argument that what our country looks like now is what the Founding Fathers intended it to look like, or anything close to that.

So the question for the patriot then becomes: what is required to restore this once-great nation to what it was intended to be?

It’s a question no one asks, because everyone already knows the answer.