Tribal Street Warfare in Brussels: African has His Eyes Gouged-Out on the Street

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2016


I believe the name for this sort of thing is “cultural enrichment.”

No idea why they decided to call it that. I guess it was because of the Jews.


A Belgian of African origin has had his eyes gouged out in a freak attack in Brussels, local media report. The man was taken to a hospital after an eyewitness called police, but his assailant fled, and their identity and motive are still unknown.

The 33-year-old, whose name has not been disclosed, was found with his face covered in blood lying in the street in Brussels’ Ixelles neighborhood at around 3am on Sunday, local news outlet Derniere heure , citing police sources.

A passerby saw the injured man and notified the emergency services and police. When they arrived, they realized that the man’s eyes had been torn out. He was taken to a hospital in critical condition, but it’s been reported that he has survived his injuries.

The victim’s eyes were discovered right next to where he was found by officers examining the crime scene a little later. Police have launched an investigation into the case, but as yet are unable to say just how or why the barbaric act was committed.

“It is no accident, of course,” Ine Van Wymersch, a spokesman for the Brussels public prosecutor in Het Nieuwsblad,  7Sur outlet.

He points out that of course it wasn’t an accident. As if someone thought maybe this man’s eyes were gouged out by accident, and he needed to clarify.

Right here is the trouble with the soul of Northern European people laid bare.

Cop 1: Bloody hell Pierre, the gentleman's eyeballs are missing.

Cop 2: Ugh, you're right Jean-Hugo, ripping right on out of his head.

Cop 1: Was do you reckon happened to him then?

Cop 2: Not sure... he could have fell down and... no... maybe a flying squirrel... or...

Cop 1: Pierre. You don't reckon some bloke did this on purpose then do you?

Cop 2: Like, someone ripped his eyeballs out, because they didn't like him, or were angry...? No... I just can't imagine...

They just genuinely are unable to grasp the idea that these people are totally different, totally barbaric. Because they judge these “people” based on their own ways of interacting with their own people – high trust, assuming the best of people, avoiding violent confrontation whenever possible, etc.

“As of Sunday afternoon, no suspect was arrested. Nor do we know how the eyes were removed. The man is out of danger, but will have to undergo several operations before he can give testimony.”

Several explanations are reportedly being looked into, including that the attack could have been a settling of scores between members of rival African tribes. The media has reported that this type of violence is unprecedented in Belgium’s capital.


It’s surprising this doesn’t happen more often.

The old “gouge his eyes out and leave him for the rival tribe to take care of” is a classic African move. I’m surprised American Blacks don’t do it more often, in fact.