Trio of Negresses Sue The Cheesecake Factory for Doing a Racism on Them

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2018

These blacks, man. They get kicked out of KFC, kicked out of McDonald’s, are forced to pay upfront in IHOP and even get arrested in Starbucks for “doing absolutely nothing.”

What’s going on here?

As far as I can tell, there are two possible explanations for this phenomenon: either blacks engage in constant monkeyshines that cause the entire service industry to hate them, or white people conspire to mistreat them because of the color of their epidermis.

We all know where the mainstream media stands on this issue.

LA Sentinel:

Three black women are suing the Cheesecake Factory, alleging they were discriminated against during a 2017 visit to the Redondo Beach restaurant by a male white server who used the term “you people” and by a manager who told them, “you are nobody.”


See, Jewnalists are taught the importance of the opening paragraph. They understand that it provides the first and greatest impression on the readers’ minds, so they use it to summarize the juiciest anti-white nuggets they can extract from the report at hand. Which, in this case, is “white servers were mean to black customers for literally no reason.”

Of course, there’s always more to the story than what’s being summarized…

The trio went to the Cheesecake Factory on Harbor Drive on July 1, 2017, to belatedly celebrate Jones’ birthday, their suit states.

About 20 minutes after Whyte and Ngaujah were seated, a white server told them, “I’m closing you both out and you people should leave,” the complaint alleges.

The two women looked at each other in surprise as the server then said, “Our computers are down and I’m not serving you people,” according to the lawsuit, which says the server then told them the computers would not be working for another 17 to 20 hours.

The two accepted the server’s offer to bring them soup, but it was served cold, the complaint states.

Jones arrived later and the three plaintiffs saw non-black customers being served food, including white guests adjacent to their table, but the server refused to tend to the plaintiffs, telling them, “I gave you soup. You can pay for your drinks and leave. If you want to order food, go to the bar,” the suit alleges.

After Whtye asked if they were being treated different because there are black, the server replied, “Yeah, that too,” according to the lawsuit.

No photos have been released of the sheboons, but I suspect this image isn’t far off.

Okay, so we’ve learned just how diabolical and evil these white servers are, yet we’re still in the dark about a pressing issue: Why were they on edge in the first place?

Are we honestly expected to believe that a trio of flawless, Christ-like blacks entered their local Cheesecake Factory, leaving fairy dust in their wake, only to be given attitude just because their skin doesn’t reflect light?

Obviously, they did something to piss off the staff. White servers aren’t rude to their customers for no reason, especially not to protected groups like blacks.

Maybe the sheboons chimped out after learning that the computers were down, leading to delayed service.

Maybe they demanded free food because one of them was celebrating her birthday.

Or maybe they were just uppity and rude from the get-go because that’s how nogs act these days.

Either way, something happened, and the media is withholding that something to reinforce their “white oppressors, black victims” narrative. But they’ve been pushing it too far, as usual, and every report like this one simply contributes to a nationwide epidemic known as negro fatigue!

The cure is coming indeed…