Trolololol’d! Estonian Right-Wing Party Pulls a Funny on Marine Le Pen!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2019

In a bid to prove to the world that they are a serious party with serious goals and a serious potential partner, Estonia’s new right-wing party (EKRE) decided to pull a funny on French National Front head Marine Le Pen.

BOOM! She got trolled! Epic style!

Marine apparently did not know that the “OK” sign had been reinterpreted by English-speaking Western media to mean “White Supremacy,” and got totally OWNED by this EKRE party member with a Guy Fawkes masked permanently sewn onto his face.


In hindsight, it should have been obvious he was a troll! 

There’s some context to all of this as well.

Marine Le Pen and Italy’s Matteo Salvini have been talking about creating a European-wide coalition of right-wing populists, and Marine was in Estonia to presumably offer them a chance to come into the fold. Despite some pointed questions from the journos present alleging that Marine Le Pen was a secret Russian agent, things seemed to be going along swimmingly. She just told them to fuck off.

“I’m not under the control of any foreign country. I do not depend on anyone,” a visibly irritated Le Pen said.

But then she had to explain her way out of the “OK” symbol debacle. She chose to disavow.

“I was in a selfie at his request, making a signal that to me means ‘ok’,” Le Pen told AFP.

“I was later told that it may have an alternative meaning. As soon as I became aware of that, I immediately asked that the photo be removed from the Facebook account,” she continued.

As National Front leader, Marine has pursued a policy of cucking her party good and hard and not winning any elections despite all of that cucking. In fact, despite the Yellow Vests out in the streets, Marine hasn’t even tried to use the opportunity to pull off a right-wing coup.

She is a total failure at the time of writing.

That being said, this is clearly yet another case of Millennials bringing edgy internet humor into the real world for no discernible reason and with very questionable results. We saw it happen with the Alt-Right in America, we’re seeing it happen in real time as Sargon implodes the UKIP party from within and we just saw it again in Estonia.

This was an embarrassing snafu between potential right-wing allies that didn’t have to happen.

In other words, things have gone far enough now that this warrants a PSA.

Millennials entering politics! *CLAP CLAP* Listen up!

  1. Memes belong on the internet, not in politics.
  2. If you want internet street cred, just do praise-worthy things and people will meme you.
  3. Never do anything “ironically” or “to prove a point” or “for the lulz” in real life, ever. It won’t ever work when the media is hostile to you.

We can add to the list as we go on, but these points are absolutely crucial to understand going forward.