Trump Also Won Directly in Tuesday’s Primaries

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2018

Though the biggest wins for the right were a tranny and a Somalian – along with a shitton of other “progressive wing” Democrats winning primaries – thus driving the left further into the insanity spiral which will relegate them to bizarre obscurity, literal Trump wins were also a win.

Big win.

Washington Post:

Trump: At least in Republican primary politics, Tuesday once again proved he’s the king. Republican politicians on the ballot Tuesday who dissed him in 2016 raced to undo that, and those who didn’t do it convincingly enough lost their primaries. In Minnesota’s competitive governor’s race, Republican voters nominated a relative outsider, Jeff Johnson, over a former governor, Tim Pawlenty, as Pawlenty struggled to get out from under the fact he called Trump “unhinged and unfit” during the campaign. (Johnson has his own past problems with Trump, which we’ll get to in the loser section.) “The Republican Party has shifted,” Pawlenty said as he lost. “It is the era of Trump, and I’m just not a Trump-like politician.”

Trump’s riskiest endorsement yet, in last week’s GOP Kansas governor’s primary, paid off Tuesday, too. Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer conceded an ultra-close race to Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who helped lead Trump’s voter fraud commission.

Basically, the old Republican Party is completely dead. Anything you see it doing is merely twitching.

Paul Ryan is resigning, as are a whole plethora of cucks. They are losing virtually every primary.

Basically, Bannonism was killed by Steve Bannon – but it was resurrected by itself. By the power of Trump.

Trump is literally dictating, directly, who is allowed in the Republican Party.

And these alleged cucks are not actually cucks – they are just bought and paid for shills. They might be weak people, but they don’t actually believe what they claim to believe in – they are effectively elected lobbyists. And if they can’t go to Washington and do what their donors paid them to do, they no longer have a purpose. So they are quitting.

Or taking the time to lose.

It doesn’t matter.

Trump is in charge now. He came in as an outsider who won an election by accident and then took over the entire government through sheer force of will.

He is something like nothing else that exists on earth.


There is one other.

What is at stake is more than one big country; it is a big idea: a new world order, where two similar nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of white people — war and conquest, freedom, and the domination of outer space. Such is a world worthy of our struggle and worthy of our children’s future.

And it starts with you.

Teh boater.