Trump: Barbed Wire Can be a Beautiful Thing

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2018

Women want security. At least the “suburban women” that the Jewish media keeps talking about. They have children and don’t really have the time to get gang-raped by Mexican savages.


President Donald Trump signaled appreciation for the military efforts to secure the border on Saturday at a campaign rally at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport in Belgrade, Mont.

“I noticed all that beautiful barbed wire going up today,” Trump said, referring to military soldiers setting up fences on the border. “Barbed wire used properly can be a beautiful sight.”


Barbed wire can be a work of art.

Wetbacks, on the other hand, cannot be a beautiful sight.

Even their teenage hookers look like crap.

And I’ll tell you, there’s no hookers in that caravan. If it was a bunch of teenage hookers marching into America, you’d see all these same catladies protesting AGAINST the horde, probably calling for a race war.

This is just vicious gang members and disgusting leech children getting trafficked as border-pass tokens.

Caravan members are literally getting gang tattoos at caravan stops.

True story.

Soldiers of the United States Army have strung barbed wire along the Rio Grande river in South Texas as part of Operation Faithful Patriot.

“We have our military now at the border,” Trump said as the crowd cheered.

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is sending up to 5,200 troops to the border to defend it from the onslaught of migrants trying to cross into the country.

Trump warned supporters that multiple caravans of migrants were being organized in Central America to travel to the United States.

He warned that the group of caravans was “vicious” – young men were throwing rocks at the Mexican police officers as they forced their way.

“Mexico’s trying, but I think maybe they could try a little bit harder,” he said.

“We have a problem at the border,” he said. “We have a problem with illegal immigration and the problem is that the Democrats will not allow us to change the dumbest laws in the history of the world on immigration.”

None have been dumber. That is for sure.

Certainly not Israel’s. They will murder people in wheelchairs who are just hanging out near their border.

It’s time for America to go full-kike on the border.