Trump Calls Stormy Daniels “Horseface,” Vows Revenge

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2018

“Women should always be believed, regardless of what they are saying or whether or not they have any kind of evidence for their claims” is the worst meme Democrats ever invented. And that is saying something – this is the party that brought us such memes as “all 11 million,” “Drumpf” and “abolish ICE.”

Trump is cashing in big on this meme.

Following Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit failure, he called her “horseface” and vowed revenge against her on Tuesday.

This was a defamation lawsuit relating to tweets Trump made calling her a liar. She still has another lawsuit against him regarding the alleged payoff for alleged sexual encounter.

In response to Trump’s tweet, her wop lawyer chimped out.

The lying slut responded by saying he has a small penis.

These people are both representatives of the Democrat Party.

They keep talking about reality TV politics, so apparently they decided that was an arena they could win in and went all in with it.

All of this “respect wamen” stuff was designed to try to appeal to conservative white women by marketing the idea that they are traitors to their gender if they support Trump. In theory, it was not really that bad of an idea – women’s minds are very easy to manipulate. In practice, however, all they did was bring Trump massive support from women.

Because they rolled out the type of women that other women hate: aggressive sluts and lying skanks. The natural female response to low-quality and disreputable women like Christine Blasey Ford or Stormy Daniels is to create a distance so their reputations are not tarnished by being linked to trash.

Apparently, the people planning this did not ever watch Mean Girls.

They should have watched Mean Girls.

Women are hyper-ultra sensitive to social standing. It is actually one skillset that they are much better at than men – they have an almost supernatural ability to judge someone’s social value and then choose to associate with them or not based on that judgement.

This is why more than a quarter of Democrat women approve of Melania Trump.

She is high status, and understands very well how to present herself as such.

Trump is now able to gain value rating with women by attacking the women who the Democrat Party put out there as avatars of female solidarity – because of how low status these women are.

They thought they were sending out vultures, but they shot out clay pigeons.

This “appeal to women” strategy actually could have worked out very well, but they just did it completely and totally wrong. Again, these people seem to have been hit with a spell of confusion. It’s like they’re getting advice from people who understand marketing and then running it in and out through Google Translate Chinese.