Trump Calls Up His Supporter He Fat Shamed, Explains the Mix-Up

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 17, 2019

Well, this is sweet.

The Hill:

President Trump on Thursday called the man he mocked for having a “weight problem” at a New Hampshire rally earlier that evening after discovering he was a supporter.

A senior administration official said Friday that after campaign staff got the rallygoer’s contact information, Trump called him from Air Force One on the way back to Bedminster, N.J. The president left a voicemail message.

The man, Frank Dawson, a law enforcement and Navy veteran, was interviewed by Fox News Thursday night following the rally and revealed he was a Trump supporter, adding that he ripped signs out of the hands of nearby protesters at the rally.

“He didn’t see me rip the signs away from those three people that were sitting near us, and they were trying to cause a ruckus,” Dawson told Fox. “It wasn’t going to happen beside me because I’m trying to listen to my president.”

“I think he thought I was part of it, but I wasn’t. I was the good part of it,” Dawson added.

Trump singled out Dawson at Thursday’s campaign-style rally when protesters were being escorted out of the arena, apparently mistaking him for one of the demonstrators.

“That guy’s got a serious weight problem. Go home, start exercising,” Trump said at the rally in Manchester.

“Get him out of here, please. Got a bigger problem than I do,” Trump added. “Got a bigger problem than all of us. Now he goes home and his mom says, ‘What the hell have you just done?'”

Trump called me up yesterday too, and said “listen, I just wanted to tell you, all this stuff with these Jews, and that stuff I said about white people, it’s a big goddamn mix-up. I can’t stand the goddamn Jews myself.”

I explained to him that I am a Christian and would prefer if he didn’t use the GD word on the phone with me, and replied “oh well, that must have been a mix-up as well.”

Apparently, his 2020 strategy is now to individually call up all of his own supporters that he’s angered and insulted, and tell them it was all a mix-up.

61,943,670 of us voted for him, and he’s only got 443 days until the election.

But if he can make 139,828 calls a day, then this will probably work.