Trump Causing Wave of Nazism Among Teenagers

Daily Stormer
June 6, 2016


Step it up, white man, you you’ll be out-nazied by your own kids!

Teenagers are always sensitive to trends and fashion. They hate their boring school, they have contempt for their humorless liberal professors and they laugh at the stuffy talking heads on TV constantly offended at everything. They don’t want to be like them. So in their efforts to be hip, teens will go to the opposite of the establishment.

And what’s that? What’s trendy and hip these days?

Hardcore Nazism.

International Business times:

A boy in plaid shorts is lazing on a black leather couch when the recording begins. Offscreen, someone asks, “What would you do with the world in 2040?” Twirling a pair of aviator sunglasses in his hand, then putting them on, the boy emphatically lays out his plan: segregate the country, brand black people and “send ’em back to Africa.”


Aviator glasses are Nazi-chic. All the cool kids are wearin’ em!

The video, posted to Facebook on Wednesday, has gone viral, prompting school officials to investigate and internet users [sic] to condemn the Grosse Pointe, Michigan, youth for his racist comments in the latest instance of a student’s racial remarks gaining national attention.

Of course. Makes perfect sense that a kid goofing around on youtube should prompt an investigation by school officials.

Generation Z, which includes anyone under 18, is said to be the most diverse, open-minded age group in American history — even more so than its immediate predecessors, the millennials. But these incidents and others can raise questions about how true that is — and what could be affecting teens’ perspectives on race.

No, kikes, for once, you’re perfectly right. They’re the most open-minded age group in American history. That’s exactly why they’re embracing racism and Nazism on a large scale.

Margaret Hagerman, an assistant professor of sociology at Mississippi State University in Starkville, whose research focuses on young people and racial ideologies, said youth racism isn’t necessarily surging, just being expressed in new ways, for reasons ranging from people’s upbringing to their social media habits and the rhetoric of presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

Yeah, see. Kids and teens aren’t rebellious by nature. They just rebel when their parents and the society at large is hypocritical and weak, because they can instinctively tell that something’s wrong. But when they see an adult who’s cool and respectable, like Trump, kids will strive to emulate him instead. This is another reason why this presidential campaign is so positive. It teaches kids the value of being a strong man.

And also the value of being a nazi – since that’s what the media call the Glorious Leader 24/7.

Hagerman said teens who claim they don’t recognize race as an issue in a modern era can sometimes subconsciously act racist. They’ll say skin color doesn’t matter, but then they’re at McDonald’s, see a black person and say, “Oh, this must be a dangerous neighborhood.” Or an older sibling will tell a brother not to share a locker with a black student, because he must have drugs, Hagerman said. Often, they feel OK sharing these opinions because they’re among peers, not adults who might chastise them. Sometimes, they’re not even aware they’re being offensive.

MrMackey racism is bad

Racism is bad, m’kay? Don’t do racism, m’kay?

No, see, the thing is that teenagers are in much closer proximity to these blacks and Mexicans, and know by experience that these other races are dangerous and stupid. Previous generations were indoctrinated too, but they had far less contact with “diversity” and thus the cognitive dissonance wasn’t too bad.

The dam on liberal lies and contradictions is about to break, my friends. The Donald is one of the cracks already spreading and weakening it. As riots intensify, as black violence keeps  increasing, as diversity spreads, and as whites are further dispossessed, Jews won’t be able to keep the narrative from collapsing completely.

And it’s our job to accelerate this.

We’re winning the minds and hearts of the new generation. The future is already ours.