Trump Caves on Climate Change! Backtracks Plan to Host Skeptic Panel!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 11, 2019

Trump has officially cucked out, fully and in total, on global warming.

Because of course.

Nothing is humorous about this situation, unless you’re at the point of complete emotional overload and it’s either laugh or die from dehydration because of tear loss.

It’s such a blatant betrayal and a completely damning indictment of everything that this country produced from the 60s onwards.

E&E News:

The proposed White House panel that would conduct an “adversarial” review of climate science is dead for now, as President Trump grapples with negative perceptions of his environmental record at the outset of his reelection campaign.

The monthslong push from within the National Security Council to review established science on climate change divided White House advisers and generated sharp opposition from researchers across the country. The effort, led by a physicist overseeing technology issues at the NSC, William Happer, stalled indefinitely amid internal disagreements within the White House, according to two sources.


God, the cucking is so total and complete I just want to scream.

Is this what you wanted, Jews?

Are you happy now?

Trump supporters who want the administration to be more aggressive in its rejection of climate science were frustrated that the climate review panel had been sidelined. Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute sees it as a sign that the Trump campaign is sensitive to Democratic attacks on climate change.

“The reelect campaign has been completely taken over by the usual cast of Republican establishment consultants who are primarily concerned with making very large amounts of money on the campaign,” Ebell said.

You could have thrown us just one little bone with this whole global warming scam, but no, you couldn’t even do that.

“It’s been totally stymied by the forces of darkness within the administration, but also by the looming election campaign,” said Myron Ebell, a senior fellow at the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute who led the EPA transition team under Trump.

This isn’t even me saying it.

Forces of darkness.”

The betrayal hurts so much, fam.

While Trump remains the best option that we have at the moment, that honestly just make me angrier. He knows we’ve got nowhere to turn, no one else to vote for. By allowing everyone to the right of him to be systematically eliminated by the DOJ, the media and Antifa, Trump no longer faces any serious opposition from the Right.

We’re stuck with this boomer and his entourage of blood-sucking Jews from now unto the end of time.

Because soon, his son – who has shown his true shill colors – is going to get into politics as well.

And then, God help us when his absolutely horrid shiksa daughter decides that it’s #herturn.

This administration is a waking nightmare.

It is the absolute worst of all worlds.