Trump Celebrates Release of American Pastor from Turkish Prison

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 14, 2018

President Trump does get stuff done.

Gotta give him that.

Pastor Andrew Brunson was released from prison in Turkey with no deal or promise of any deal or anything else. Turkey just released him as a gesture of good faith.

Though Trump said at the meeting it was a coincidence that he was released amidst this ongoing Pulp Fictioned Saudi journalist situation, that seems very unlikely. What it appears is that Turkey wants to make a deal with Trump, and wants this Saudi situation to play a role in that.

Turkey had a good relationship with Saudi up until the whole Qatar thing, which appears to have really enraged both sides. And they would apparently like to throw Saudi under the bus completely at this point, and pivot into some kind of deal with Trump.

Basically, the new Crown Prince appears to just be pissing off the entire world, aggressively. The details of how exactly he pissed off Turkish President Erdogan are not clear (you could probably find some 3,000 word articles in the Economist speculating about it, though it would probably be lies), but I’m sure it could have been anything. Furthermore, Turkey has been friendly with Russia as of late, and supporting their mission in Syria, which no doubt pissed off Saudi, who along with Israel was/is the main backer of ISIS and other terrorists in that country.

Presumably, Erdogan is smart enough to see Saudi is going down in flames with this madman at the helm, and he just wants to create as much distance as possible.

Here’s Trump’s rally from Friday night in Kentucky.