Trump Declares Himself Second Coming of God, King of Israel, Chosen One

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2019

US President Donald Trump is now announcing that he is the King of Israel and God’s chosen one.

So… second coming of God, huh?

Wayne Allyn Root, who he is quoting there, is a casino gambling expert and a Jew turned Zionist evangelical.

Many of the top evangelicals are actually alleged “converts” from Judaism, who by pure coincidence end up preaching Talmudism for goyim.

Root promoted a lot of kook theories, which appear to be designed to discredit legitimate conspiracy theories over the course of the entire Trump presidency while on Newsmax radio. (The one funny thing he said was that the entire Russian investigation was a result of Robert Mueller having penis envy.)

Shortly after these extremely unsettling tweets, Trump gave one of these lawn conferences and during a rant about China, looked up at the sky and said “I am the chosen one.”

What does this mean?

Does he believe he is some sort of… Jewish God?

As in, like… the Antichrist? 

How exactly did we get to this point?

Well, if we give Trump the benefit of the doubt, he could have had some spiritual experiences during his 2016 campaign experience and his first years as president, and been surrounded by Zionist Christian figures who told him he was the savior of Israel, and that in his rattled, senile brain this all made sense.

Either that, or he just isn’t following this very closely, and his ego was stroked by being called a God, and so he posted that Jew’s quote, maybe thinking that Christians would like it. Evangelical Christians probably do like it. As long as it is in defense of the Jews, I doubt any Evangelical would be concerned about Trump declaring himself the second coming of Christ, or whatever it is he is doing here.

Both #Antichrist and #KingOfTheJews were trending on Twitter – but it was all just liberals and Jews talking about how this is similar to Christian beliefs about the Antichrist.


Weird event.

But really pretty standard for what we’ve been seeing lately.

When I woke up to a news alert saying “Trump declares himself God and King of the Jews,” I just kind of nodded to myself and said “yeah, you’ll have that.”