Trump Declares WAR on Bankers, Lawyers and Doctor Scum With European Car Tax!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2018

Trump is back to playing his 5D chess match against everyone who ever was against him.


US President Donald Trump has issued another warning to the EU, threatening to slap the bloc’s automakers with 20 percent tax levies unless trade barriers placed on American corporations are lifted.

Hear that upper-middle-class striver?

Your precious BMWs and Mercedes are gonna be twenty percent more expensive…or more. 

That means you gotta wage-slave and kiss ass just that much harder to be able to show off.

The warning comes two days after US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said that the White House had not made any decision on whether to extend the tariffs which had recently been introduced on other European goods.

The US president’s tweet dragged down stocks of European automakers BMW, Volkswagen, Fiat Chrysler and Mercedes. Shares of American car companies Ford and General Motors also plunged following the threat, but have since bounced back.

The Europeans tax us, but we don’t tax them.

This is, in theory, to keep them aligned with America and to keep them economically dependent on us the way a junkie is dependent on his dealer.

Got any more of dem trade deals?

It will be better for everyone, in the long run, for Europeans stop milking the American taxpayer in exchange for loyalty to NATO and ZOG.

The 20-percent tariff is a bit lower than the one the US president pledged to impose on foreign automakers earlier this year. In May, the White House was reportedly considering a 25 percent tax on cars imported from Canada, Japan, Mexico, Germany and South Korea.

K, so they got 5% less. That’s Trump’s nice side for ya.

Really though, this is Trump’s classic class warfare strategy at work though.

He really hates strivers that try to act rich even though they’re only upper-middle class.

Everyone hates them. But especially actually rich people like Trump. See, he’s made it. 

He surrounds himself with gold, like a Spanish king.

Everyone else is just pretending. Everyone else is just a try hard, trying to show off their Boomer lifestyle.

The common man buys American cars…or Japanese and Korean.

He won’t be hurt by this tariff.

The strivers, however, will.

And that, I think, we can all get behind.