President Trump Does French Surrender Monkey Joke, Again Threatens to End NATO

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2018


They were starting to learn German. Especially the French women who were fixated with Nazi dick.

I don’t think forcing them to learn German was a policy, however.

You know – whatever. Women will always fuck the conquerers. White women are fucking Moslems now. It’s hardwired into their brains. Not really gonna blame the French for that.

They did surrender like babies though and literally cry like bitches.

I maintain that the US never should have entered that war, just as we never should have created NATO to protect the cowardly French – who while we are paying for their military, are using their own government resources to replace their population with a poopulation of niggers and bizarre Islamics.

Trump then hit Macron on French trade scamming.

That’s an old story we’ve already been over – every country in the world is ripping off the US, the Jews labelled the US getting ripped off as “free trade,” then when Trump said he wasn’t going to allow countries that have tariffs on us to allow goods to flow into our country with no tariffs, everyone lost their minds and said it wasn’t fair.

I’m for just cutting all trade with every country completely.

I like that he is linking it together with NATO. It is all part of the same globalist rape-room that the Jews have locked our country in. We are literally in a rape room where the entire world is just allowed to come in and do whatever they want to us.


  • Paying for the world’s military
  • Getting ripped off on trade
  • Being forced to allow millions of brown people to flood us

Is all really the same thing – it is just “stick it to the yanks.”

Well, I’ve had enough.

Which is why I just put this patch on my jacket.

I’m also going to get large stickers of that image and plaster them on a large Ford pick-up truck and drive it through France while blasting Okie from Muskogee.

You won’t be smoking Marijuana in Paris anymore when Trump invades or you get converted to Islam. If the latter happens, then white lighting won’t be the biggest thrill of all, either – Bacha Bazi will be.

You weird French fucks.

Trump then made an appeal directly to the French people – which he does to the people of every white country after he insults their leaders. If I was in his position, I would have a hard time not just saying “we’re going to invade your country and kill you all and rape your women – because you allowed this faggot to disrespect me and my country, every single member of the French race is going to be held personally responsible.”

But he’s a bigger man than I.

MFGA is some hardcore trolling. That is effectively a threat to support some kind of regime change.

And his statement about French nationalism is the truth, actually. Kind of. They are certainly the most hateful of people that are different from them, which is maybe not the exact definition of nationalism, but is a sort of correlated sentiment.

BUT FURTHERMORE – Le Pen almost won. If she hadn’t been such a stupid bitch, she almost certainly would have won. If Old Man Le Pen had managed to shoot out a son, we’d be in a whole other world right now. Because the old man himself could have won in the last election if he hadn’t been so old.

Marine Le Pen screwed the whole thing up so badly that it was almost incomprehensible, and she still almost managed to win.

So there is some truth to the idea that the French are nationalistic.

But if Trump really wants to hit Macron on that, he needs to talk about immigration.

I guess he might do that later today – it’s only 9 AM and he is on an anti-French thing this morning.

And no one can blame him. Macron was so disrespectful over the weekend.

What a disgusting worm.

Compare his blatant and childlike disrespect to Putin’s easy smile and politeness.

What the hell is going on with this pansy faggot? 

Now he’s over here plotting against me with this bitch? 

There’s my boy.

Sup, bro.

People have written about this as Trump and Putin as the two alpha males. And that is true enough. But they’re also the only two adults. You don’t have to be a macho alpha male to be a respectful adult-behaving person. But all of these Europeans (and Trudeau) are just whiny, poorly behaved children.

Honestly – if I’m just being honest – the one who fakes respectfulness the best is Theresa May.

And she is one bizarre old bitch.