Trump Effect: IDK About You, But I’m Calling Niggers “Dogs” Now

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2018

You know how people are – until The Leader says its OK, they won’t allow themselves the liberty to express themselves the way that they really want – you know, deep down. 

Now that Trump refers to Mexicans as “animals” and “drug-dealers” and “rapists” – that’s what White people feel comfortable repeating and hurling their way.

Until The Leader says it’s OK, most people will never utter a peep.

That’s just how most people are – at least that’s how White people are. We follow our chieftain.

Chances are that you’re a bit more of a rebellious type if you’re reading the Stormer, so it might be hard for you to emphasize with the normie mindset.

But to sum it up in a phrase, it really is just “FOLLOW THE LEADER.

That’s it, mang. Forget ideology, complicated systems of belief and complex moral frameworks.

Most people who support Trump are supporting the man. And if the man tells them it’s OK to call out Mexicans for being the animals that they are, people respond to that. The Liberals are absolutely right to throw a shit-fit over Trump’s Twitter. He’s basically giving marching orders to millions of Americans and giving them the funny boomerish words to articulate their rage.

Honestly, if Trump got really amped up from watching the Gorilla Combat Channel one day and tweeted out the word, “Nog-dog” to refer to an uppity nigger that night, millions of Americans would suddenly wake up to a new day and discover a powerful new epithet in their arsenal.

By the way, that’s what the whole “smite the rando” campaign is about – countering uppity White people starting to flex their political muscles.

There is a colossal tug of war going on in most normies’ minds right now – “Follow the Leader” vs “Fear the Media.”

And the media is just relying on the tried and true strategy of trying to manufacture consent and punish dissent. Trying to counter the powerful desire of most people to rally behind The Leader. Most normies simply cannot handle the cognitive dissonance. They’re freaking out, brains melting, about to overheat and explode. They don’t know wtf to do.

Who to follow???? What do???

Anyways, the best thing that we can do is keep on supporting Trump. Regardless of what the man thinks, what’s important is what he says. 

And every time a crazy non-White lefty takes a shot at him, he responds in kind. He comes up with a nickname, a scathing insult and the media trips over itself to try and prove that it was a thinly veiled hate epithet. Normies watching this pick up new vocab though AND most importantly, they see the LEADER insulting journalists and previously untouchable brown people.

The normie starts thinking…maybe I can…just like the LEADER…start fighting back too.

Anyways, “Nog-Dogs” – is my new word now. Look for it in upcoming articles.