Trump Expresses Righteous Fury at Federal Reserve Plot to Undermine Him

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2018

If only Trump had followed the precepts of White Pol Pot-ism, he wouldn’t have appointed this glasses-guy and we wouldn’t have had this problem.

We don’t talk much about the Federal Reserve and monetary policy here on the Stormer because frankly, it’s boring as hell. But it is important.

The Fed determines, simply said, if there’s a lot of money around or if there’s less money around. That also determines if the US dollar is worth more or less compared with other currencies.

So this is a crucial factor in determining whether the economy will expand or stagnate, as well as how competitive America is in international trade.

The Fed decides the “funds rate.” A low rate means there’s going to be a lot of money being created, which generally expands the economy, while a higher rate contracts the money supply, which slows down the economy.

The Fed worked really hard to avoid Obama’s presidency being a total disaster.

They kept the rate at a historically low level of basically 0% for Obama’s entire presidency, which is totally unprecedented.

As soon as Trump is elected, the rate starts climbing again, obviously to undermine his economics agenda.

Trump replaced the Fed chairman, the horrible Jew Janet Yellen, with goy Jerome Powell, as he promised to keep the rate low.

Well, he lied.

USA Today:

President Donald Trump’s pick to head the Federal Reserve took the reins just six months ago, and the president is already feeling buyer’s remorse.

Trump told a crowd of wealthy donors Friday that when he nominated Jerome Powell to replace Janet Yellen as Fed chair last November, he thought Powell was in favor of “cheap money” and was disappointed to see him embrace interest rates hikes, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News reported.

Janet’s firing couldn’t have come soon enough. But Trump shoulda thought of a better replacement.

“That can only happen to Trump,” the president said, according to the Journal.

Trump has often expressed concerns that rising interest rates could stifle economic growth but the Fed has raised rates five times since Trump took office, two of them since Powell took charge, Bloomberg reported.

On Monday, Trump told Reuters that he was “not thrilled” with his appointee, repeating a criticism he voiced to CNBC last month.

“I don’t have an accommodating Fed,” Trump told Reuters. “Am I happy with my choice? I’ll let you know in four years.”

Though the president appoints the Federal Reserve chairman the central bank is supposed to act independently of political concerns. The last president to publicly call for lower rates was George H.W. Bush during his 1992 re-election campaign, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Yeah, these kikes want to “act independently of political concerns,” because they want money power to trump political power.

By controlling when the economy contracts and expands, they can make billions without any effort. They can also reward and punish politicians based on how subservient they are.

The entire Federal Reserve system needs to be abolished and replaced with a system where the president just straight up decides how much money gets printed. If the government creates the currency, instead of Jew banks, then there would be no need for an income tax.

And for that reason, Trump should fire Jerome Powell and replace him with the only person who can do what’s necessary as chairman of the Fed:

It’s not too late, Paul. Just take the reins of the Fed, and do your gold-backed dollar or whatever kooky libertarian thing you had in mind. It can’t be worse than Jew money.