Trump Figures Out Fox is Against Him. Sucks He Let All His Internet Supporters be Silenced.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2019

President Trump is ranting against Fox News for being against him.

This isn’t new.

Fox News was never really big on Trump. They had to support him for ratings, and just to keep up the illusion that there is some choice in media, but they’ve always taken jabs at him, supported Russian conspiracy theories, and generally not been honest about his presidency.

And of course, every other channel is totally and completely against him – 24-hour “2 minutes of hate” channels.

It really sucks he let all his internet supporters get deplatformed.

Alex Jones had 5 times more viewers than any cable news show.

MILO had a massive audience on Twitter and the various other platforms he’s been kicked off of.

Gavin McInnes had a huge following and was completely crushed.

If I hadn’t been shut down, this site would be bigger than Breitbart.

They’ve shut down almost all the major pro-Trump Twitter accounts, as well as most of the Facebook pages and YouTube channels. Even random boomers are getting banned just for saying boomer things.

They’re shutting down r/The_Donald.

They’re in the process of shutting down even the most milquetoast Trump supporters like Steven Crowder.

Trump had behind him a massive ORGANIC media machine that was bigger than all of the mainstream media combined.

And he let every single one of us get FUCKED.

He stood by and did absolutely nothing as we were systematically crushed by tech monopolies that violate anti-trust laws in a way that violates the First Amendment.

I’m sure in hindsight, he wishes he maybe would have put a little bit more effort into keeping this from happening.

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