Trump: Hillary Should be Drug-Tested

Daily Stormer
October 16, 2016


This bitch is high on embalming fluid.

With all the events of the past few weeks, once aspect of this campaign was pretty much forgotten.

Hillary’s health.

Since she didn’t so much as cough in the first two debates, people stopped commenting on her health issues.

But why, though?

I mean, not one month ago Clinton was collapsing in broad daylight and needed assistance climbing 3 inch steps. She was coughing up copious phlegm in drinking receptacles. This isn’t something you can better from. At least, not at 68.

So, what’s going on, here?


And more importantly: was it the work of weird science, or black magic?

Wall Street Journal:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton is getting “pumped up” before Wednesday’s debate and suggested the candidates should be drug-tested before it takes place.

His remarks came at a rally on Saturday where the GOP candidate questioned why his rival needed to prepare for the debate if she had so much experience.

“A lot of things are going on folks, a lot of things. I think she’s actually getting pumped up, you want to know the truth. She’s getting pumped up, you understand?” he asked rally attendees gathered in a parking lot of a Toyota dealership in this southern New Hampshire city.

“Drugs!” a woman yelled from the crowd.


Is Clinton smoking crack? You decide! Well, probably not, lol.

Mr. Trump then suggested the presidential candidates were like athletes and perhaps should be drug-tested before the debate.

“Because I don’t know what’s going on with her. At the beginning of our last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end it was like, ‘huh,’ ” he said. ”She could barely reach her car,” he added.

You may be laughing at this (and it is funny), but Trump has a point. People are voting on the candidates based on their debate performance. This is with the assumption that the person they choose will have a similar performance while in office.

But if Hillary is hopped up on some potent cocktail of mind altering drugs before her debate appearance, then doesn’t that constitute deception? After all, she won’t be able to be drugged up 24/7 as president. So the people are voting for an illusion of vigor, while the reality is that once elected she’d be little better than a zombie.


Experts agree that in fact, a zombie would be a significant improvement over Clinton. At least we’d avoid a world war against Russia.

That’s fraud if I ever saw it.

And the consequences are far more severe than any sports event.

If there was any justice in this system, she would indeed be tested for performance enhancing drugs.

But, of course, she won’t be.