Trump Opens UN Appearance with Attack on Opioid Epidemic

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2018

Wow, a real and legitimate problem of the world being discussed at the UN.

I never thought I would live to see the day.

The Independent:

Donald Trump has kicked off the 2018 United Nations General Assembly by announcing what experts have labelled a problematic agreement to tackle the world drug problem, signed by 130 countries.

The US leader, who has said tackling America’s opioid crisis is a priority for his administration, started his second year coming to the UN by saying he “always said UN has tremendous potential…and slowly but surely, it is being met”.

Among the 130 signatories to the global agreement are China and Mexico, a surprising move considering Mr Trump’s increasing tensions with both regarding trade and immigration.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres – described as “a great friend” by Mr Trump – was also at the meeting to say to the international community: “Failure is not an option” on this matter.

Colombia has also signed the agreement and Mr Trump commented he “look[s] forward to partnering with” with newly-elected President Ivan Duque – who ran for office on an “anti-drug” platform according to Mr Trump – to end cocaine production.

The very short meeting was primarily to introduce the agreement – named the Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem – but as senior international policy manager for New York-based research group Drug Policy Alliance, Hannah Hetzer told The Independent the document is “not legitimate”.

The agreement did not pass through the official UN channels and was not open to consensus or negotiation.

It also makes no mention of a key item on the UN’s agenda: the 17 Sustainable Development Goals agreed to by all countries in 2015.

She called the less than 18-minute meeting “both a photo op [by the Trump administration] and an attempt to feign leadership on this issue while having proposed no real solution on countering drug addiction”.

Yes, yes.

Of course the media is going to disparage this, because they want everyone high on drugs. Because a world high on drugs is incapable of resisting their evil new world order agenda by fighting the Infowars.

They can’t come out and say “we want people on drugs,” so they say the document is illegitimate because blahbitty blah blah.

There is none of that.

The document was introduced and it was signed by 130 nations.

The actual reason it is illegitimate is that the UN does not pass laws, and all of these resolutions are merely suggestions. So a better plan of action would be for Trump to punish any country which refuses to go along with his agenda of cleaning up the streets.

But that comes later.

Right now, he is using the UN as a platform to present his plan for destroying the global drug trade. He is making his position clear, and regardless of the “non-binding” nature of these agreements, it should and will be taken as a threat to the countries that are flooding America with drugs.

This has to end.

I wish that sickening whore Nimrata Randhawa hadn’t been there.

What a downer that skank is.

Remember: a vote for any Republican in November is a vote against the sleezy wench Nimrata Randhawa and her evil agenda to undermine the United States of America.