Trump Planning to Soon Announce Pull-Out of 1987 Arms Treaty with Russia

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2019

There will be no forgiveness if you start a nuclear war, Donald.

But go ahead and do it anyway.

Because I’m just that fucking bored. 

The Hill:

The Trump administration will stop abiding by a landmark arms control pact with Russia as soon as Saturday after last-minute diplomatic efforts to bring Moscow back into compliance failed, a top State Department official told Reuters.

“We’ll have an announcement made, follow all the steps that need to be taken on the treaty to suspend our obligations with the intent to withdraw,” Andrea Thompson, under secretary of State for arms control and international security, told the publication in an interview Thursday.

Thompson’s remarks followed talks with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in Beijing, where Thompson is leading the U.S. delegation at the 2019 P5 Conference.

The U.S. has publicly accused Russia of violating the Soviet-era Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) since 2014, which Moscow denies. President Trump signaled in October that he planned to withdraw from the treaty, citing Russia’s failure to comply.

The pact was signed in 1987 by then-President Reagan and Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev. It bans all land-based missiles with short and intermediate ranges.

On Dec. 4, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave Russia 60 days to comply with the treaty, setting a Feb. 2 deadline before the U.S. would vacate its commitments under the agreement unless Russia came back into compliance.

The process to formally withdraw from the treaty takes six months, but the U.S. plans to stop complying with it as soon as this weekend, Thompson said.

She said the Pentagon would be able to begin developing longer-range missiles if it so chooses.

Russia has already gone full 2Pac on this issue.

So if it’s go time then let’s fucking go already.

Pop this thing off.

My body and soul are ready.

Nuclear apocalpyse was my first preference anyway.

I was only settling for MAGA.