Trump Press Conference was EPIC – Jews Must Surrender!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 12, 2018

(Timestamped at 41:30)

Donald Trump gave the best press conference of his life following the GLORIOUS SUCCESS of the Singapore Summit (read my LIVE THREAD – it was amazing).

He gave great prepared opening remarks and he kept his cool, kept his humor, and blasted the Jewish media terrorists like it was nothing.

The primary argument of the kikes was that he never should have made a deal with North Korea because of “human rights.” They just kept saying the same thing over and over in their questions “HOW COULD YOU CALL HIM TALENTED AND YOUR FRIEND WHEN HE DID THE VARIOUS HUMAN RIGHTS ATROCITIES WE MADE UP????”

So if you follow that through to it’s logical conclusion – which no Jew expects a stupid goyim to do, but we here at the Daily Stormer are very clever goyim – the media Jews are claiming that the moral thing would have been to have a war where millions would die, because it is immoral to have diplomatic relations with countries that allegedly commit human rights atrocities.

I would have liked to have had Trump say “why do you never ask these questions when I meet with Saudi Arabia? Or Israel?” – but he did sort of hint at that when he said “things are tough in a lot of places, a lot of places.”

Because of course, the last people to give a shit about “human rights” are the Jews. All the alleged atrocities of North Korea are based on hearsay, whereas we have video of Israel mowing down protesters – including children and cripples in wheelchairs – and shooting nurses. The routinely kidnap and torture Palestinian children, they bomb hospitals – it never ends with these kikes, anything you can think of they’ve done.

And Saudi is arguably even worse.

So I think Trump could have snapped at one of them and said the word “Saudi Arabia” (I don’t expect him to say “Israel,” though that would be best) and that would have left a big impression.

But overall, he handled it well, saying basically “Well, what do you want? A war? What is the purpose of this line of questioning?”

The other thing the kikes were on about was the time frame for nuclear disarmament, which was agreed to in an agreement the two dictators signed. And it’s like well, the deal was made, he’s already blown-up testing sites, what do you want? An exact date?

The absolutely hostile nature of the Jew media after this monumental historical event demonstrates, beyond any shadow of a doubt, just how ridiculous these filthy scoundrels truly are. Not a single one of these journalists began with “Mr. President, I just want to congratulate you on this monumental historical achievement.”

One of them even brought up his comments to Trudeau, calling him dishonest and weak, contrasting that with calling Kim “talented” and said that it looks like he’s attacking “our” friends and allying with “our” enemies. As there’s a 99% chance the reporter was a Jew, then I guess he’s right.

But I’ll choose Kim over Merkel and Trudeau for a “friend” any day.

Kim Jong-Un never flooded my ancestral homeland with tens of millions of Islamic animals.

Kim Jong-Un never did this dance.

Or prayed to Allah with subhumans he flooded North America with.

No North Korean ever called me a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.

These filthy media kikes are making yet another gamble, assuming Americans give a fuck about free trade and Canada, and they’re going to lose an entire pile of chips yet again.

Just like people don’t give a fuck about some fantastical tale of North Korean death camps (I’m surprised they don’t accuse Kim of making lampshades out of human skin).

The Jew media is still functioning under the paradigm that our values are their values because they say our values are their values.

But the internet and the death of boomer culture killed that evil goose.

The Opening Video

The opening video shown at the beginning of the press conference is fantastic.

It’s like a… fake movie trailer. Or a REAL movie trailer of the movie of our lives.

The Daily Stormer’s official favorite gaynigger who was on the CBS stream said when it started that it was the most bizarre thing he’d ever seen, and said that it must have been a North Korean propaganda video. Then Trump explained that he made it to show to Kim.

Presumably, it was actually made by South Koreans, as they would have a better understanding of what North Koreans would be into as far as these things go. It’s a video with a bunch of busy traffic mega cities and trains and lights and power plants and other technological stuff, crossed with images of different famous places across the world.

I did appreciate that Trump said, with regards to the video – which he showed to Kim on an iPad during the meeting – that he would understand if North Koreans don’t want all of that technological advancement. With as much as the libshits talk about “white supremacy,” they continually assume that all people on earth have a deep desire to live in a hyper-industrialized megacity – and that this should be the goal of every people. You really saw that with Black Panther.

And it is really a powerful thing, I think, to say “maybe the North Koreas want to keep life a little bit slower – maybe they like it like that.”

This was a great, great day.

All around.

Really great.