Trump Pushing for Stronger Libel Laws After Hoax Book Released

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer 
January 7, 2017

The British media so fucking disgusting.

The Independent, published in a country where school children can be arrested for calling classmates “gay,” has the nerve to say Donald Trump is attacking freedom of speech.

The Independent:

President Donald Trump has hit out at “very weak” libel laws in the US as he branded an explosive new book detailing the inner workings of the White House as “fiction”.

Suggesting he would like to see tougher laws on speech, Mr Trump said that if libel laws “were strong… you wouldn’t have things like that happen where you can say whatever comes into your head” – referring to Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

The book has caused a storm of controversy and has left the President facing questions about his mental state, with quotes in Fire and Fury – including from Mr Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon – suggesting that even those close to Mr Trump had questioned his capability.


This is simply nonsense.

The First Amendment is about personal artistic and political expression, and that is what “free speech” in the modern world has been defined as.

Libel is already illegal, just as threats are illegal. What Trump is talking about is strengthening existing laws which protect people from libel. For example, yesterday fake news Newsweek claimed that I am “promoting pedophilia” on the Daily Stormer, which is absurd and demonstrably false, as well as clearly defamatory. I am nearly a free speech absolutist, and I don’t think that Newsweek should be able to tell their hundreds of readers that I “promote pedophilia.” People said “oh you should sue them,” but they have no idea what the standard for that is and how much it costs.

I attack people here, and that is somewhat outrageous, but I would never simply make up lies about my enemies. And yet my speech actually is shut down, while the Jewish media is able to lie about people with impunity.

The Jewish media claiming that people are trying to censor them is like Google and GoDaddy claiming they need Net Neutrality because they are afraid that Comcast is going to censor people. The Jewish media is actively against free speech and then they demand they be allowed to commit crimes. Because again, that is important to understand: libel is already a crime. It is simply that the standards for it are very loose if you are a public figure. And the media knows this, and lies about individuals based on the fact that they know it is easy to get away with breaking these laws.

This isn’t related to lying generally. I do think people should be allowed to lie. The question of whether or not the media should be able to lie on the scale that they do is also a valid question, but it is a separate question.

For the record, I am of the opinion that because the media is engaged in a conspiracy to undermine the government of the United States using purposeful falsehood to defraud the public on such a massive scale, they should be investigated not for a specific lie, but for a criminal conspiracy. But again, Trump is talking about a specific type of lie WHICH IS ALREADY ILLEGAL.