Trump Says China Pressuring North Korea Due to Trade Disputes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2018

There have been rumors that the situation in North Korea is not progressing at the expected speed of progress. Secretary Pompeo recently skipped a trip there because things are going so slowly.

Trump says it’s China’s fault.

Obviously, China is pissed. And it isn’t really surprising that they would use North Korea to expressed this pissedness – the entire purpose of that country was always to be a tool for China to manipulate the West.

But I think Xi is the type to deal.

Clearly, the North Korea summit would never have happened without Xi’s blessing.

We’ve got these Spratly Islands still in dispute, you know. That South China Sea is really important to China. I think that is a good thing to throw out there. If we’re not going to be buying trillions of dollars worth of plastic crap from China anymore, I don’t think making a deal there would be a bad move.