State of the Union: This is a Whole Lot of Stuff About Jews and the Holocaust…

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2019

I thought the State of the Union last night was well delivered.

Otherwise, not very good.

There were a few moments, like the cured-cancer girl with Melania, that were sweet.

The call for unity was well-formulated. Obviously, there won’t be any unity, but he did a good job using the biggest speech of the year to make it look like he tried.

But Nick Sandmann wasn’t there and it was really a whole lot too much about Nazis, Jews and the Holocaust. Not that I expect him to not go along with all of that stuff, but when he’s mentioning it ever two minutes and has Holocaust survivors in the audience and so on, it’s like – “wow, dude is really sucking up to Jews hardcore here, sick.”

I’ve just not heard someone talk this much about the Holocaust in a while. It was a really long time ago. He talked about it like it was one of the things he needed to summarize from the last year. Harry Truman’s 1946 SotU speech, given 4 months after WWII ended, did not mention Jews or the Holocaust.

And Trump didn’t really even tie back to anything else, or make some point – he was just like “and this is the Holocaust portion of my speech” and then later “and now, for the second Holocaust portion of my speech…”

He even did some bit about smashing anti-Semitism.

Maybe the point is, he was thinking of things that would force the Democrats to stand, and the main thing that will do that is Jews.


What he did say is that he is anti-war. He repeated that. There was none of the jingoistic stuff I was expecting. He talked a lot about ending wars, and actually named the Taliban as a negotiating partner in Afghanistan. I wouldn’t have thought he’d mention them by name, given that it’s a trigger word, so I appreciated that.

But then when it came to Venezuela, he started talking about the real president being that random guy who says he’s president. The CIA guy, whatever his name is. I don’t give a fuck what that nigger’s name is.

He didn’t say anything about war there, but this is war talk.

Furthermore, he said he’s going to have an arms race with Russia…

He also did a long thing about the wall and immigration, had people whose families were killed by wetbacks in the audience. That was good. Though I am left wondering why he reopened the government. Nancy has a hard position and she’s not budging on it, and that was his only leverage.

I think he thinks what I think, which is that Kamala is likely to be the Democrat candidate and she can’t win, so it doesn’t matter, he doesn’t have to do anything. He probably vaguely thinks he’ll get a Republican House when he’s on the ticket in 2020, and then maybe build a wall.

He said he was going to try to end this partial and post-birth abortion thing that the Democrats are doing. That shit is bizarre, but it’s really just more of an emotional trigger for evangelicals than anything else. In practical terms. But that will drive the evangelicals out to vote in 2020, if he makes it a primary issue. It’s almost like it was set up for him to do that.

I’m still trying to look for the best in Trump, see whatever he can do for us.

Ending the shut down was a real bummer. Then this Venezuela thing. Then the Russian nuclear thing.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks.

Hopefully, he’ll quash the Venezuela thing, not let it get out of hand, and just hold out as he has been, not doing much good but keeping a lot of bad from happening. I think that’s really the best we can hope for at this point. It’s officially obvious he’s not going to get anything done.

And just remember.

On the other side is this:

Stacey Abrams, looking like she just swooped down from the trees to claw your eyes out.