Trump Sending 15,000 Troops to Border Now – ALL COLD-BLOODED KILLERS

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2018

Trump has a November Surprise for the filthy wetback hordes – a barrage of .50 caliber rounds tearing through their flesh like it was tofu!


President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he would deploy a total of 10,000 to 15,000 U.S. troops to the southern border in preparation for a large group of Central American migrants heading toward the United States.

Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump said the additional troops would supplement the military, border patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents already at the border, as well as the 5,200 members of the military he authorized earlier in the week.

“We have about 5,000 — we‘ll do up to anywhere between 10 and 15,000 military personnel, on top of border patrol, ICE and everybody else at the border.“

“Nobody’s coming in,” he said of the migrants.

Trump characterized the migrants on Monday as an invading force, announcing he would send the military to the border to stop them from entering. But the figure of 10,000 to 15,000 troops he presented on Wednesday doubled or tripled the number already approved.

U.S Northern Command — which works with others on homeland security, civil support and security cooperation — said in a news release published shortly after Trump spoke to reporters that the Department of Homeland Security had asked the Defense Department to send up to 7,000 troops to help maintain the border. The number is considerably smaller than the figures Trump offered, but the release said the number could change in the days ahead as need is reassessed.

The troops would help with everything from offering medical units to putting up physical barriers.

To shooting Paco and Juan.

Of course.

What the media doesn’t tell you is that these troops are from a special brigade I like to call Ghost Recon.

One Ghost Recon soldier can take out up to and beyond 1,500 wetbacks per day with a single Kawasaki dirtbike and a handgun.

So let’s see here, if we’re talking about 1,500 troops…

That’s 22.5 million dead Mexicans per day.

There are 120 million Mexicans, meaning this squad can wipe out the entire population of the country inside of a week.

I fully expect Trump to announce on the Sunday before the midterms: “I have ordered the troops to begin ethnically cleansing the Mexican territory, which we will then begin settling with white American citizens. And we will then finally know for sure whether Mexico was poor because of the land, or because of the people living on the land. Think of it as a biology experiment.”

Here’s some of the military equipment being shipped south.

This is going to be a bloodbath like you haven’t seen since Resident Evil 2.