Trump Strikes Blow Against Affirmative Action! Nogs BTFO!

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2018

How’s a nigga suppos’ ta get an edumacation if dem crackas be hatin’?

In perhaps the greatest recycling project in human history, America made a valiant attempt at transforming their obsolete farm equipment into functional members of society.

Unfortunately, like most recycling, the results were just a lot of wasted resources and faggy virtue signaling.

It’s about time we just shit-canned the whole idea and let our Blacks retire from their brief period of cotton-picking productivity with dignity. By sending them to the dump – which is to say, Africa.

The Trump administration has taken a first step towards this sensible policy, by undermining affirmative action.

Associated Press:

The Trump administration said Tuesday the government would no longer encourage schools to use race as a factor in the admissions process, rescinding Obama-era guidance meant to promote diversity among students.

Trump is systematically dismantling the “legacy” of our former chimpanzee-in-chief.

The “hope” was that he would manage to completely destroy America. He came close.

The shift gives colleges the federal government’s blessing to leave race out of admissions and enrollment decisions and underscores the contentious politics that for decades have surrounded affirmation action policies, which have repeatedly been challenged before the Supreme Court.

Affirmative action is literally a program of racial discrimination against real Americans. So you better believe it’s “contentious.”

Just imagine if the South African government advocated for a policy of putting more Whites in school in order to foster “diversity” or whatever. It’s a transparent attack on the majority.

The Obama administration memos encouraging schools to take race into account were among 24 policy documents revoked by the Justice Department for being “unnecessary, outdated, inconsistent with existing law, or otherwise improper.”Attorney General Jeff Sessions called the changes an effort to restore the “rule of law,” though civil rights groups decried the move and some universities said they intended to continue their diversity efforts as before.

“Rule of law” is a White supremacist dog-whistle if I ever saw one. That’s because rule of law is an exclusively European concept. If abstract rules dictate the order of society, then the selfish interests of minority groups are cast aside.

Notice how rule of law is always contrasted with letting brown people run amok?

The actions comes amid a high-profile court fight over Harvard University admissions that has attracted the government’s attention, as well as Supreme Court turnover expected to produce a more critical eye toward schools’ race-conscious admissions policies.


There’s actually a significant chance that the new Supreme Court could abolish Affirmative Action in schools.

The Trump administration’s Justice Department had already signaled concern about the use of race in admissions decisions.

The department, for instance, sided this year with Asian-American plaintiffs who contend in a lawsuit against Harvard that the school unlawfully limits how many Asian students are admitted.

Students for Fair Admissions, the group suing Harvard, is led by Ed Blum, a legal strategist who also helped white student Abigail Fisher sue the University of Texas for alleged discrimination in a case that reached the Supreme Court.

The high court has been generally accepting of considering race in admissions decisions to achieve diversity. In a 2016 opinion written by Kennedy, the court granted affirmative action policies a victory by permitting race to be among the factors considered in the college admission process.

Well, guess what?

Kennedy is out of the picture now. And he’s sure to be replaced with someone who isn’t nearly as much of a cuck traitor.

The ruling bitterly disappointed conservatives who thought Kennedy would be part of a Supreme Court majority to outlaw affirmative action in education. Justice Antonin Scalia died after the court heard arguments in the case but before the decision was handed down.

The new affirmative action guidance may add to an already contentious fight over the next justice.

With Trump expected to announce his nominee next week, the issue should be a central part of any confirmation process, said Howard University law school dean Danielle Holley-Walker.

It’s crucial that the next Supreme Court judge appointed be against this Affirmative Action bullshit.

The amount of salt produced would be enough to feed the entire planet.

Just this little step is already sending the nogs into a frenzy.

Hopefully, we can get niggers out of college before soon. Then, we can tackle Affirmative Action in the workplace.

If we can just get all these schools and businesses to hire based on merits, brown people will basically be unable to function in America, citizenship or no. That’ll make kicking them out a lot easier.