Trump Strikes Decisive Blow Against Beloved Boomer Industry

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2019

Boomers love their hogs. And no, I don’t mean their wives

I’m talking about their other fast gals.

But their beloved Harley-Davidsons might not be around for much longer, heh.


Harley-Davidson Inc. barely broke even in the last quarter of a year in which the struggling American icon got caught up in President Donald Trump’s trade wars. The motorcycle maker’s shares plunged the most in a year.

Earnings per share on a GAAP basis were zero in the fourth quarter, the Milwaukee-based manufacturer said in a statement Tuesday. Excluding restructuring and tariff costs, profit was 17 cents a share, missing analysts’ average estimate for 29 cents.

Trump’s tariffs are hurting the people I want hurt the most: Boomers.

I think that If Harley-Davidson went under, that would be funny AF.

Trump attacked Harley last year after it announced plans to shift some U.S. production overseas to sidestep levies imposed by the European Union. But the motorcycle maker has more than tariffs and angry tweets to blame for its performance. U.S. retail sales tumbled10 percent in the three months ended in December, the eighth consecutive quarterly drop. Chief Executive Officer Matt Levatich is having trouble attracting younger riders and plans to offer cheaper bikes and sell more clothing and gear — including on Amazon — to reach new customers.

Why the hate?

Well, Harley-Davidson is probably the most well-known example of a company going Full Boomer.

That is, they went all in on their target demographic of older huwhyte men with new-found disposable income on their hands from their reverse mortgage.

And they weren’t even selling these people bikes, really.

No, they were selling them their youth again.

If I didn’t know better, I would say that the entire American economy at this point limps on by selling Boomers fancy toys, erection pills and insulin.

Meanwhile, no one’s selling Millennials anything (other than smartphones).

This is because Millennials are all broke. 

So if we can’t have nice things, I say that Boomers shouldn’t have nice things either.

hope that Harley-Davidson goes under and if it does, it will probably be the only thing that the Trump Presidency manages to accomplish.

It almost makes up for the lack of a Wall. 

At least Boomers will be right there with us in 2020, bitching and moaning about what happened to their Harl – I mean, their country.

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