Trump Supporters Face Off Against Paid Communist Agitators Nationwide

Daily Stormer
March 5, 2017

It’s the Never Ending Story of the American Political Climate in The Current Year™.

Pro-Trump supporters decide to have rallies to express their support of Glorious Leader and their patriotic love for the USA, and a gaggle of Jew-paid shills consisting of the insane, the sexually degenerate, the non-Whites, the anti-White traitors, and masked, mentally deranged college commies roll out in force to attack them en masse, relying on superior numbers, illegal weapons, and the indifference of the police to their lawlessness. Only when such legal safe spaces are assured will antifa and black bloc attack, and leftist governments provide this for them in spades.

The attitude of the normie pro-Trump faction is also an encouragement to them. Take note of the guy in the green jacket in the video below at 0:50, telling everyone to basically just let the mob attack them because the cops need to be allowed to do their job, which they obviously have no interest in doing.

Of course we do not start violence. But what low T cucks like these Tea Party types don’t get is that when these people attack you, striking back is not “starting violence,” it is dictionary-definition self defense. Self defense is always necessary. Nothing promoters violence in one’s opponents like limp-wristed pacifism, and besides, we’re not trying to become martyrs, we’re trying to Make America Great Again!

The only way one prevents violence in this world is, to quote Reagan, peace through strength. When someone is stupid enough to not recognize that strength and attacks you, you must defend yourself, robustly. This discourages the limp-wristed left from making said mistake again.

When you’re a twenty-something anarchist who loves buttsex, gay porn, designer drugs, and long walks on the beach with your tranny furrykin significant other, finding yourself in the emergency room, in handcuffs, with multiple bruises, contusions, and broken bones, it makes you think twice about trying to kill people because you don’t like the way they voted or some opinion of theirs with which you disagree.

I guarantee you that the fat boy will think twice before he tries to steal another nationalist’s banner.


But back to the rallies and counter-demos.

We’ll start with Berkeley, California.

SF Gate:

At least 10 people were arrested and many others bloodied and bruised as a Berkeley rally supporting President Trump turned violent Saturday when fistfights broke out between marchers and counterprotesters, and crowds of masked anarchists joined the fray.

“This is a sad day,” Berkeley Councilman Ben Bartlett told reporters. “We’re better than this.”

See, this gal has the right idea.

The rally, one of several pro-Trump events held across the United States, began at 2 p.m. at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park. That’s less than a mile from the UC Berkeley campus where a violent protest Feb. 1 forced the cancellation of a speech by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

The fighting Saturday started even before the event began, with people throwing punches, swinging signs and tossing smoke bombs. Hundreds of people filled the park, with anarchists and counterdemonstrators far outnumbering what rally sponsors estimated were 60 to 75 Trump supporters.

By 3 p.m., the self-proclaimed anarchists were dominating the crowd. Dressed all in black and wearing cloth bandannas over their faces, they stopped traffic as they marched from the park through downtown with the smaller mix of Trump supporters and counterprotesters. In the park, people opposed to Trump threw eggs and burned both American flags and the red “Make America Great Again” Trump campaign hats.

Great job cops! Get that ape back to the zoo and ticket whoever left the gate open!

Kiki Valenzuela, a sophomore at Berkeley High School, was at the rally to protest Trump. She wore a short-sleeved shirt reading “liberal elite” and said she was excited for her first taste of activism. But when the crowds became violent, with people beating each other until they bled, the 16-year-old became scared and ran to the perimeter.

“It’s weird to see the (Trump) supporters in my city and my town,” she said. “It’s the first time for me, and it’s kind of scary and dangerous.”

Yeah, blame the violence on the people who got attacked, not the people who initiated the violence. The Jews have trained these young anti-White beaners well, have they not?


But it wasn’t just Berkeley, this was nationwide.

CBS News:

From Colorado’s state Capitol to Trump Tower in New York and the Washington Monument, groups of hundreds of people rallied for President Trump on Saturday, waving “Deplorables for Trump” signs and even carrying a life-size cutout of the president.The March 4 Trump demonstrations were held around the country, and supporters clashed with generally smaller groups of counter protesters.

In Berkeley, California, Mr. Trump’s supporters fought counter-protesters during a march in support of the president. People wearing goggles, motorcycle helmets, gas masks or with their face half-covered with bandanas are pushing each other, throwing punches and hitting each other with the sticks holding their signs.

Six people protesting the rally in St. Paul, Minnesota, were arrested on felony riot charges after they lit fireworks inside the Minnesota State Capitol and fled, police said. About 400 people attended the St. Paul event, and about 50 showed up to protest it. Some other minor scuffles between the dueling demonstrators were quickly defused.

One man appeared to have been hit in the face, and people on both sides went running as a protester sprayed pepper spray into the crowd, CBS Minnesota reports. The State Patrol says six people were arrested. But the rally was not interrupted.

Why is this Jew humping a streetlight? It’s a mystery of the ages…

In Nashville, two people were arrested as protesters clashed with Mr. Trump’s supporters at the Tennessee Capitol. The groups at times cursed at each other and made physical contact, which state troopers broke up, WPLN reported.

Near Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach Post reported that people on both sides exchanged profanity. Mr. Trump’s motorcade briefly stopped so he could wave at supporters.

Supporters of Mr. Trump, many clad in red, white and blue, sported signs such as “Christians for Trump” and “This is My Women’s March” outside the State Capitol in Columbus, Ohio. The group began loudly chanting “U-S-A, U-S-A” when a band of anti-Trump protesters arrived around noon Saturday.

The anti-Trump group shouted, “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA,” and waved such signs as, “Not Fit to Serve – No Mandate.”

Margaret Howe, 57, of Pataskala, a supporter of Mr. Trump’s, said she increasingly fears civil war.

“We did not want to have something like this happen,” she said, adding, “We came out today because Trump deserves to see he still has people for him. It’s just all sad.”

Outside the State Capitol in Denver, hundreds gathered, listening to speakers including former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo on the West Steps facing the mountains. Many in the crowd held American flags or wore red, white and blue and held signs with messages like “Veterans before Refugees.”

At least he’s stupid enough to be truthful about this.

A group of counter protesters gathered nearby, separated from the rally by police tape. They chanted “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA” and held signs with messages like “Your vote was a hate crime.”

They chant that mindless shit everywhere. They were chanting it at A&M last December 6th when I was there to cover the event for Daily Stormer.

This is just more proof that the real grassroots movement is pro-Trump. These counter-protestors are paid astroturf.

I recommend reading the entire CBS article. It has coverage of many cities and the incidents that occurred. I have already quoted way more from news articles than I generally prefer to do, but this is a big story with lots of details.

Lets have a look at some of the events around the country.

Washington DC:

Oswego, Oregon:

NYC, Trump Tower:

Filthy leftist White whores answering the Moslem call to prayer in an unknown city:

Waving Mexican flags in Palmview, Texas:

A frogposter makes an excellent point:

More Berkeley:

These protests are highly counterproductive for the left, though they are too stupid to ever realize this. For now, they consider it fun, and that’s all that matters to them. The majority of Americans were already sick of these “resistance” idiots, and now more normies will begin to admit that they hate them. Soon this won’t be fun for them anymore.