Trump Tape: “Maybe It’d be Better if You Get Rid of This. It’s So False What They’re Saying, It’s Such Bullshit.”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2018


Trump just responded on Twitter.

What kind of lawyer indeed, Mr. President.

What kind.


I wonder.

Original article follows. 

Okay so CNN got one of the tapes that the weasel kike Cohen recorded of Trump talking to him in 2016 (pre-election). There are probably many of these tapes, they are only saying now that the prosecutors have one.

There is nothing on it.

Apparently on the issue of the Karen McDougal alleged affair, he said “Maybe it’d be better if you get rid of this. It’s so false what they’re saying, it’s such bullshit.”

Cohen then starts talking about the Jews of the New York Times wanting the divorce papers from the Ivanna divorce, which are sealed, and both of them agreeing they won’t be able to get those. Trump says it doesn’t matter if they get them after the election.

Then there is some talk about Cohen sending some other Jew to make a company to make payments for something, which isn’t totally clear. But there will be a company, which Trump asks something about whether it will be funded with cash. That’s the part that Chris Cuomo was saying was the relevant part.

Then they brought on kike Cohen’s kike lawyer Lani Davis to say that Trump says “cash” and claim that the only people that use cash are drug dealers and mobsters and then leave that hanging.

Goyishly named kike Lani Davis tells Cuomo that his Jew client is turning over a new leaf.

The payment, to be clear, was made to AMI, the parent company of the National Enquirer, who bought the story from the slut and killed it. Trump wanted to get it from them, because even though they are friendly, Cohen says they don’t know what way they’re going to go, and Trump suggests that “[the publisher] could get hit by a truck.”

Honestly, I don’t even see why it matters if Trump said “cash.” It doesn’t make it necessarily illegal, at all. It might make it seem more gangstery, but whatever – people like the gangster element of Trump.

After the Cuomo show, loyal Wop Giuliani went immediately on Fox News to offer the rebuttal.

We need to get Trump some Robocop type vision augmenter that shows Jews as “do not trust, threat detected,” paddies as “use caution” and wops as “high loyalty” in green text.

Anyway, nothing going on here. He doesn’t admit to anything, at all, other than being aware of the payment, which he never really denied.

The thing that is going on is that this Jew was secretly recording Donald Trump conversations in 2016. Why was he doing this? Is there a reason other than “because he’s Jewish”?

Because I can’t think of one.

This is a loyal man to Trump, served him for decades, made a whole bunch of money with him, but he is betraying him by recording conversations to use against him later.

If not “because he’s a Jew,” then what is the explanation there?