Trump Team Hires Kathy Zhu to Redpill the Laowai!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2019

Kathy Zhu wants me to vote for Donald Trump.

And pretty much I just want to do whatever Kathy Zhu wants me to do.

Punished Zhu was stripped of her Miss Michigan crown for trying to redpill the laowai on black crime and the bell curve.

Now she’s been hired by Team Trump, which is becoming progressively more and more anti-black, for reasons that are not yet totally clear.

With this brilliant move, Trump has officially solidified the gook fetishist vote and the anti-black vote with one fell swoop. Although to be fair, those groups have nearly 100% overlap.

Trump’s switch toward anti-black racism from anti-Mexican and anti-Islamic racism has not been subtle. All of a sudden he just started talking about how blacks should go back to Africa and how Baltimore is a shithole.

Then he hires everyone’s absolute favorite anti-black qt pie/Chinese spy.

Basically, this appears to be a way to distract from the fact that none of his anti-immigrant racism manifested as policy. He’s just getting people excited by promoting a new form of racism, and starting internet race wars with the blacks.


It’s working on me.

I just want to see Trump call Kathy Zhu on stage saying “Kathy, come up here. Get up here. This girl is Asian, so you know, she’s very good at math. Great with math, the Asians. I don’t know how they see all those numbers with their small eyes. She’s good at math and she’s been running the numbers on black IQ, and it’s not good, folks. Not good. It definitely explains what we’ve been seeing in Baltimore and where else.”

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