Trump Tells Cocksucking British Faggots to Go Fuck Themselves – Not Visiting

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2017

Any British cocksucker who says the name “DONALD TRUMP” should have his tongue cut out and shoved up his ass with a rusted steel broomstick. 

Heroic GOD EMPEROR of America has told the stinking filth of Britain – a group of perverted sickos obsessed with importing inbred brown people from Western Asia to rape (and sometimes eat) their pubescent daughters – to go fuck themselves.

How many British men allowed this to happen without going full Breivik? All of them. And somehow they believe they have the ability to take the moral high ground over DONALD J. TRUMP for Tweeting about the crimes of the monsters eating their little girls. 

They will not be granted with his glorious presence.

In shame, they have no right to look upon the lightening force that is his magnificent visage.

In fact, they all deserve to die.

The Telegraph:

US diplomats have dropped plans for Donald Trump to conduct a visit to Britain in January amid a war of words between the two countries’ leaders.

Mr Trump, the US president, had been pencilled in for a ‘working visit’ in the first month of 2018 to formally open America’s new London embassy.

The trip, a scaled down version of a state visit with no meeting with the Queen, was intended to allow Mr Trump to come to the UK while avoiding the mass protests a full state visit would likely trigger.

However, The Telegraph can reveal that the trip has been pushed into the long grass, with no new date in the diary picked.

A senior US diplomat said: “The idea of a visit has obviously been floated, but not December and not January. I would not expect a Trump visit in January.”

If he’s going to go to this evil country again, it should be with an army in power armor with chainswords ready to slaughter millions.

The Jewnited Cuckdom needs to be ethnically cleansed not only of the hajis and their kike enablers but of the British filth that gave over their daughters to the Saracen rape/cannibal machine.

In order for Britain to deserve the presence of the GOD EMPEROR, millions of people need to be slaughtered like pigs and their corpses vilely desecrated in the most humiliating potential fashion.

We need mountains of chopped-up bodies bulldozed into gigantic piles of organs and shredded bone, then we need to open the sewer pipes onto them.

That is what these motherfuckers deserve.

The fact that this evil cunt Theresa May is L I T E R A L L Y defending child raping foreigners against the leader of America is something which is so shocking as to give a healthful man a seizure.

It’s almost as shocking as the fact she had the nerve to wear this shirt somewhere outside of a BDSM club.