Trump Tells Shitholes He Will Cut Their Aid If They Send Any More of These Shitholers Up Here!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2018

There are more caravans coming to invade us.

Trump has told the countries sending their genetic waste up to us that he’ll cut off all their aid if they don’t stop these people.

He also said he’d send back all the illegals.

The problem is, he has to do the first thing because these brown countries actually have control over their immigration. He does not control America’s immigration system, and currently is not able to send back anywhere near the number of people

And so he has said: we need to change the laws.

He is encouraging Republicans to make this a midterm issue.

These caravans are actually a gift to the GOP.

Last time, when we were able to push this issue to his attention and to the attention of the media, people were really angry.

They need to tap into that anger again for midterm success.