Trump Terror Machine: $250 Million to Ukrainian Terrorists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2019

Are you a terrorist?

Do you need money?

Then just CALL DON!

US President Donald Trump will fund all your terrorist needs.

Whether you are trying to murder people randomly for Islam, or overthrowing a government that Jews don’t like, you can have FREE MONEY.

“Dollars Don” can also give you money if you want to legalize man-on-man anal in a country with traditional Christian values. He’ll shove those greenbacks straight up your ass – personally!


Straight up your DEMOCRACY HOLE.

Basically, if you want to fuck up anything, anywhere, Donald Trump has your number – a number in the hundreds of millions, wired straight to your bank account!


The US will provide Ukraine with $250 million worth of military equipment, training and support, the Pentagon announced, saying Ukraine’s Navy and marines would be among the beneficiaries.

The Ukrainian military will get sniper rifles, grenade launchers, counter-battery radar systems, night vision equipment and communication devices, the Pentagon statement said. The inventory does not seem to deviate from what Kiev received as military aid from Washington over the previous years.

Trump is owning the hell out of the libs by sending terrorists money to fight Russians.

The Ukrainian hoax revolution was one of the first things I got famous writing about.

Besides RT, the Stormer was pretty much the only English-language website giving any of the facts about how that revolution was literally funded by the EU and the Jewish US State Department to overthrow a democratically-elected government.

We’re constantly told how great Democracy is – but as soon as a country democratically votes for someone the US doesn’t like, then it’s time to fund terrorists to overthrow their government.

Currently, the Western-backed revolutionary government of the Ukraine is waging a terrorist war against people who didn’t like the revolution – mainly ethnic Russians and people who just prefer Russia to the Islamo-anal EU.

And, of course, the guy I supported to make friends with Russia is funding their terrorism.

Because he’s the Antichrist?

Is he the Antichrist? 

Rather than whether or not he’s the Antichrist, what we need to be focusing on is how we can use the fact that he is probably the Antichrist to own the libs.

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