Trump to Launch Seal Team 6 Rescue of American Treasure A$AP Rocky

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 20, 2019

In what is sure to be the most daring military rescue operation in American military history to date, Donald Trump has reportedly given the green light for Seal Team 6 to go in and extract America’s greatest living cultural icon: A$AP Rocky.

He’s been captured by the Swedes.

“We gotta save the blacks,” Donald Trump was reported as saying. “Can’t let the Swedes have him, he has the codes! Very bad stuff, let me tell you. Believe me.”

No one knows what codes the President is referring to. But what is more important is the message that this will send to the ghetto going into 2020. Trump knows that his base – the average American voter – loves the blacks and feels great pain deep in their heart at knowing that a foreign country has stolen one of America’s magic negroes – without whom, the country simply cannot survive.

Sweden, as most people know, is trying to scoop up all the magic black people that it can get its hands on. It’s little wonder that they tried to keep A$AP Rocky from leaving and returning to the US, where his talents would be put to use in Trump’s negro-powered boom economy.

Trump decided to demonstrate the lengths that he was willing to go to to maintain America’s Niggerocractic supremacy in the world.

First, the blacks sent ambassadors from their people to meet Trump.


Kim Kardashian West took to Twitter Thursday to thank President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and senior Trump adviser Jared Kushner for their apparent involvement in trying to secure rapper A$AP Rocky’s release.

A$AP Rocky has been detained in Stockholm following a confrontation in the Swedish capital and faced accusations of serious assault, CNN Swedish affiliate Expressen reported earlier this month.

This went straight to Melania – the White House’s negro-whisperer-in-chief.

From Melania, the plea for help went straight to the POTUS’ desk.

This presidency wants the whole world to know that the rights of our negroes SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

Furthermore, what we are seeing now is a titanic showdown between two brown person-wielding superpowers.

Few people know that the incident that happened in Stockholm was a clash between Sweden’s super-powered Afghan boy-child refugee guards and America’s weaponized bio-shock troop-niggers.

Sweden saw A$AP’s presence in Stockholm as a direct power flex by the Trump administration and sent out their own Afghan auxiliaries to counter the threat.

We are now witnessing a showdown on the global stage to see which country can wield their minorities the best.

All true patriots are on team #MAGA! Fuck these  SOCIALIST!  tanned Swedes. Our blacks are CAPITALIST and bleed red, white and purple drank.