Trump Trolls G7 by Showing Up Late to Gender Equality Breakfast

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 10, 2018

Trump, master troll that he is, arrived 17 minutes late to the G7’s gender equality breakfast. lol at Christine LaGarde’s face!

A summit like the G7 should be a place where world leaders talk about serious subjects. Instead, these summits have been corrupted to the point where much of the focus is on goofy nonsense.

One such example was this breakfast dedicated to the topic of gender equality. Why would this be the focus of anything? There’s two genders and they can never be equal because men and women are biologically different. This is not a debatable fact. And let’s not even talk about the nuts who think there are more than two genders. Those are people who belong in a mental hospital.

The main point is that there are far more important things for world leaders to be talking about than this gibberish. The good news is that it looks as if the President of the United States agrees with my assessment. He trolled the breakfast by arriving 17 minutes late to it!


US President Donald Trump was reportedly labelled a ‘straggler’ by his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau after he was 17 minutes late for a breakfast meeting with G7 state powerbrokers on Saturday.

On the second day of the 44th G7 summit in Quebec, world leaders from the Group of Seven including the UK, France, Canada, Germany and Japan sat down for breakfast to discuss gender equality issues.

However, with the political heavyweights preparing to tuck into a continental breakfast complete with freshly poured orange juice there was one noticeable absentee – Donald Trump. According to Voice of America reporter Steve Herman, the US president failed to show for the 8am meeting until nearly 17 minutes past the hour.

In that time, Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau reportedly offered up a thinly veiled slight at the president by saying that the meeting would go ahead without any “stragglers”.

Trump’s tardiness has apparently been put down to the president being delayed by a separate G7 meeting with his own staff, reported MSNBC.

Yeah, he was delayed due to a meeting with his own staff that ran late, that must be it! HA HA!

Naturally, this caused all sorts of empowered career womyn to blow a gasket on Twitter.

These dumb whores don’t get that they’ve been trolled. Part of the reason Trump showed up late to the meeting was for his political opponents to emotionally overreact to something that is not remotely important. All they are doing is making themselves look stupid with their outrage. The average American couldn’t give two shits if Trump shows up late to some lame breakfast that focuses in on such a stupid subject.

The only real topic of importance that Trump needed to discuss with these people was trade. And without Russia represented at the summit, it’s impossible to make substantive progress on various issues. But maybe Russia’s absence is why they filled up the schedule with ridiculous sessions about gender equality and climate change.

Much of this summit was a waste of time for Trump. He made the right decision to leave early, especially with the big North Korea meeting.