#TrumpEffect: Tucker Carlson Now Dominating in Cable News Ratings

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2016


About a decade ago, Tucker Carlson was hosting Crossfire and had (((Jon Stewart))) on. Always nice and polite, if at times engaging in playful banter, Carlson and Stewart were jousting, only for the Jew to mock Tucker as an infantile twerp in a bowtie.

Carlson’s only response was all too familiar cuckservative head-hanging:

As Andrew Anglin has written, the #TrumpEffect has given Carlson brand new superpowers. He has hung up his bow-tie and grown a spine, and in recent weeks has started making a name for himself as a master of weaponized rhetoric who can now go toe-to-toe with the most brazen, combative, pathologically lying Jews and dress them down in some striped pajamas live on air.

In a short time period, he has crushed professional mud-slinging Heebs like Jonathan Allen, Judeo-Left university administrator/Commissar Michael Roth, pushy Obamacare racketeer (((Ezekiel Emanuel))) and a whole slew of College campus lemmings wielding canned and stale Cultural Marxist talking points.

What’s he taking? He’s high on Trump, that eternal alpha lion with Dennis the Menace hair.

Confidence is contagious, and Carlson’s approach to Jews and Marxists – an appropriate mocking tone to the self-satirizing – along with his support for Trump and counter-cucking Putin-bashers, is paying off in dividends.

I don’t agree with most of Carlson’s stated ideas, but what’s important is his temperament, more White Nationalists should take lessons from his demeanor as it is that of a winner, and he is quickly rising to become the number one news show on cable television.

Ad Week:

Fox News has been the most-watched cable news network for nearly 15 years, and is often the No. 1 cable network in prime time. But it’s also no secret that Fox News delivers an older audience than most cable news and entertainment networks, and fell behind CNN last month in the advertiser-friendly A25-54 demo. FNC and CNN are neck and neck in other younger demos, including adults 18-49 and adults 18-34.

But Fox News’s newest addition Tucker Carlson Tonight is giving the network a boost among younger cable news viewers.

The inaugural week of the show significantly outperformed the 2016 averages for Fox News’ previous 7 p.m. program On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, and Brit Hume, who hosted On the Record for two months, from Sept. 6 until the day before the election.

The numbers are remarkable.

The Jewish canard that the media’s problem is that it is trying to be profitable is blown away, since Fox News is the only network that provides even a slightly different perspective from the mainstream. This is what people want, but Jeff Zucker and others like him simply refuse to give it to them.

Here are the juxtaposed numbers from Carlson’s 7 PM slot :

Total Viewers: FNC: 3.212 M / CNN: 975,000 / MSNBC: 1.125 M
A25-54 viewers: FNC: 613,000 / CNN: 285,000 / MSNBC: 216,000
A18-49 viewers: FNC: 447,000 / CNN: 240,000 / MSNBC: 149,000
A18-34 viewers: FNC: 128,000 / CNN: 83,000 / MSNBC: 43,000

This is quite remarkable, since comparatively obscure Tucker is going up against iconic CNN veteran Chris Matthews and Erin Burnett’s love-jugs on MSNBC – and pulverizing both.


Erin Burnett rose through the ranks at CNN exclusively due to her amazing journalistic integrity

None of the oldest tricks in the book, from building up a prestigious goy to buxom babes, has made Jewish ideological indoctrination palatable to most of the public.

They will continue switching up the style until something sticks, but refuse to touch the root of the problem, which is that the content they peddle transparent lies.

That there is evidence that Jewish media isn’t a business, its operation and intent are exactly the same as the Soviet paper Pravda.

For whatever reason, still some segments of the public suffer from cognitive dissonance, and think that just because propaganda and totalitarianism is engineered by private capitalists working together instead of bureaucrats, that there is some kind of difference.



I highly recommend watching Carlson’s show, it’s actually interesting and entertaining.