Trump’s Approval Rating Goes Up 2 Points Following Demands Non-Whites Leave America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2019

According to Rasmussen, President Trump’s approval rating has gone up two points since he began his campaign to bully ungrateful brown people into going back to their shitholes.

Date Approval Index Strongly Approve Strongly Disapprove Total Approve Total Disapprove
17-Jul-19 -2 38% 40% 50% 48%
16-Jul-19 -7 35% 42% 48% 50%
15-Jul-19 -9 34% 43% 46% 52%
12-Jul-19 -9 33% 42% 46% 52%
11-Jul-19 -7 35% 42% 48% 51%

His hilarious tweets and subsequent follow-up statements doubling down have been at the top of the news cycle for that entire period, so there is nothing else that could have changed the approval rating.

That means that at least 2% of Americans were fed up with Trump over the last year or so for not being racist enough, and were happy to see him return to his traditional racism in a big way.

It has become a self-evident fact that Donald Trump is not going to pass any policies as president of America. He just doesn’t seem to have it in him. He’s being manipulated and bullied by Jews, his daughter who is a Jewish convert, Israeli Jews, etc.

However, a lot of people will be happy to vote for him if he just keeps saying funny shit, and stirring up generalized mob hatred for foreigners.

The mob still has all the power, you know.

Telling those women to go back to their countries is by far the most racist thing he’s ever said – especially since one of them was a black American, descended from slaves. And by refusing to apologize, he has effectively normalized the opinion among the masses of goyim that you can believe that America is a white country, for white people – and that brown people are our guests and if they don’t like being guests then they have to go home.

I’ve been very critical of the “congress shall make no law” policy of not doing any policies that Trump has adopted.

But, if you just accept that no politician ever does any policies that are good, and that Trump is doing a lot less bad policies than any of the Democrats would do, then it becomes acceptable for him to simply not do anything at all other than say racist shit on the internet and at press conferences. Because that is the best we’re going to get right now.

You add in the new Kellyanne Conway policy of calling out communist Jew journalists at press conferences, and you’ve got a pretty good show.

My professional advice, at this point, is to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Trump is driving the Democrats over the edge into the deepest realms of full-on brown communism.

Which quite probably means not only that they can’t win in 2020, but that they won’t be able to win in 2024 either.

And we’ve got a guy lined up for that election.

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